Traveler’s guide to Namba

Readers of mine will know I’m a hardcore Silver Jewelry fan & collector.
If you do remember, in the “About me” section of my blog, I was talking about exquisite silver.
Think: Hardcore biker Jewelry. e.g. Harley Davidson.
I mentioned about it too when I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.
Check it out here!
These cost a bomb. Many people say I’m crazy and would rather use that amount of money to buy gold.
Well…I would rather pay for quality workmanship and “HEART” that these designers have in what they do. 
I basically admire their passion &
Btw, this is my wallet chain.
Coming back to the topic of today’s post:
Topic: Namba
Namba is the southern area of Osaka, Japan; in the Kansai region.
It is one of the two major city centers in Osaka, and Namba is the city’s most famous entertainment district and offers abundant dining and shopping choices.
It’s more of a business oriented area & due to that, it’s no surprise the “Red-Light District” is located there.
I did a post on the Red-Light District in Umeda and for those who’re curious. please check it out here:
So, we’re in the subway and Namba is where we’re headed!
See that in the background…the running man?
This is Glico Man: Originally installed in 1935, this giant neon athlete on the blue signboard is the most famous landmark of Osaka and also, the symbol of Glico candy!
It is also a very popular meeting spot. Friends always hang around here, waiting for each other.
This is also a popular meeting point for… Blind Dates
Namba is categorized into many different districts.
This area we’re in is called Dotonbori.
Dotonbori is a VERY popular ‘food destination’ & this street runs parallel to the Dotonbori canal.
The famous Kani-Doraku crab restaurant is also located here.
Kani-Doraku is just behind, do you see it in the picture?
Decided to pop by Amemura 
(Amerika Mura is it’s official name, Amemura is a local slang)
Amemura is Osaka’s equivalent/counterpart to Takeshita-dori; Harajuku.
Amemura is a good place to see the cutting edge and wilder side of teenage fashion and culture in Osaka (Compared to Tokyo, Osaka’s fashion is ‘Louder’.)
Did a short post on Amerika Mura before too!
Check it out if you’d like:
I know it stinks, I’ll try quitting. Promise…
We decided to go for an early dinner & we’re having Kushi-Katsu!
I would personally call Kushi-Katsu a mix between Tempura and Katsu.
Most would describe it as Deep Fried Kebab – Japanese style.
In Japanese, Kushi refers to the “skewers” while Katsu means “deep fried cutlet of pork”.
We’re done eating and that means that today’s post is about to end…
…don’t be sad, I’ll be BACK!!
Hope ya’ll enjoyed reading!!!

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9 thoughts on “Traveler’s guide to Namba

  1. My sister will possibly be studying abroad in Osaka next Spring, so this post is really helpful!

    I’ve never heard that Osaka’s fashion is “louder”, I can’t wait to see that for myself 😀

  2. you guys are just sooo kawaiii!!! ^_^ makes me feel that I want a famely too! loll!!!

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