Traditional Japanese food Vol.5 – Kanto Cuisine: Yuba


When soy milk is boiled, a thin layer forms on the surface. Yuba is made by gently scooping off this layer. 
It first came from China along with Tofu and has since developed as part of the Japanese food culture. 
Let’s get started, shall we?
Yuba can be dried and wrapped around fillings, or it can be added to stews and cooked dishes, or even eaten with soy sauce and grated Wasabi, just like Sashimi. These days, Yuba is regarded as a highly nutritious food with the added benefit of being easy to cook.
Along with Nikko, Kyoto and Nara is also famous for producing Yuba. In historical cities like these, (especially Kyoto and Nara), Yuba dishes have been popular for generations and long-established Yuba restaurants remain extremely busy. 
How about giving this traditional taste a try?
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