Traditional Japanese food Vol.5 – Kanto Cuisine: Namerou

Namerou is a traditional fishermen’s dish from the coastal area of the Boso-hanto Peninsula forming the southern part of Chiba.
 The main ingredients are horse mackerel, sardines, flying fish, and Pacific saury or mackerel.
Traditional Japanese food – Namerou
The fish are cut into small pieces, with miso added, then leeks, ginger and green basil are placed on top and chopped finely to form a paste. The leeks and ginger are used to eliminate the fishy odor.
Roasted Namerou is known as “sanga-yaki”, while namerou mixed with vinegar is “su-namerou”, and when it is placed on a bowl of rice and green tea is poured over it, it is called “soncha”. 
These are all hearty dishes with the priority being on taste rather than appearance, and are worthy of being fishermen’s dishes.
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