Traditional Japanese food Vol.5 – Kanto Cuisine: Fukagawa-meshi

Fukagawa-meshi is a popular dish in downtown Tokyo.
Shelled clams and leeks are cooked in Miso and then served on a bowl of rice together with soup.
 When Fukagawa-meshi is cooked with fat Clams during spring season, the flavor of the stock from the Clams mixed with Miso creates a distinct, delicious taste. 
It is hard to imagine now, but the Fukagawa area once flourished as a fishing town a long time ago and Clams were abundant at the mouth of the Sumida-gawa River
Some restaurants in this area still offer traditionally home-cooked Fukagawa-meshi, so if you notice a sign for one while walking around downtown, get a taste of how people in the Edo Period (1603-1867) enjoyed their Clams!

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5 thoughts on “Traditional Japanese food Vol.5 – Kanto Cuisine: Fukagawa-meshi

  1. Hmmm it looks yummy!

    • Hey Yuki!!~
      It is yummy! =)
      Do you have this dish in Spain?

    • Nope, I didn’t see it in Japanese restaurants.
      But it could be, I don’t like Japanese occidental restaurants at all (it’s not the same taste) so I don’t go to so many restaurants. Maybe in some of them, in some city in Spain have it.

  2. Yummy !

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