Traditional Japanese food Vol.5 – Kanto Cuisine: Bakudanyaki

The “Bakudanyaki” is a large grilled flour batter ball measuring about 8 cm in diameter and about 200g in weight.
“Bakudanyaki” means : “Fried Bomb”!
It is a flour based fast food that’s stuffed and grilled like “Takoyaki”. 
“Takoyaki” are grilled flour batter balls, filled with pieces of Octopus.
Basically, “Bakudanyaki” is a huge “Takoyaki” that consists more then 10 kinds of ingredients inside, a trait found more commonly in “Okonomiyaki” – “Okonomiyaki” is somehow also known as a Japanese Pizza/Pancake.
More on Takoyaki:
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The outside of the “Bakudanyaki” is crispy, while the inside has a melted texture.
Think of “Bakudanyaki” as a love child if… Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki spent a night together…
(Q: Put BIG Octopus Balls in a room together with a HOT Steaming Pancake, what do you get?)
(A: Boom! – A Big Explosive Ball-of-Love!)
This dish is currently all the rage!

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