Traditional Japanese food Vol.4 – Kansai Cuisine: Tofu Special 2 – Yudofu

Yudofu warms you up in cold weather and thus, is one of the main winter pan dishes in Japan. The light taste and smooth texture of this Tofu is very appealing.

This hand-made tofu is cooked in a kelp-based soup, then it is taken out before it loses its shape and lastly, dipped in relish. 
Some say that the best way to enjoy it is to scoop it out of the pan as soon as it starts floating.
Boiled tofu was originally eaten by Buddhist priests in Kyoto. Unable to eat meat or fish for religious reasons, tofu was a precious source of protein for them. For the same reason, many long-established restaurants offer delicious boiled tofu in Kyoto.
The winters in Kyoto are rather severe, compared to the mainland thus, making it is exceptionally tasty & popular there.
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