Traditional Japanese food Vol.4 – Kansai Cuisine: Tofu Special 1 – Koyadofu

Koyadofu, handed down from ancient Japanese times, is made by freezing Tofu to remove water and then drying it. It is a crucial ingredient in Shojin-ryori (traditional meal for Japanese Buddhist priests). 
Some say that the ‘Koya’ of Koyadofu came from Mt. Koya-san in Wakayama, which is a historic site for Buddhist temples.
Koyadofu is also called Koridofu because it is made by freezing (based of the Japanese Kanji). Removing the water content produces a unique texture and simple taste, which cannot be attained with ordinary Tofu. 
It is also highly nutritious and easily digested, so is very popular in Japanese households. 
When freeze-dried Tofu is boiled, it soaks up plenty of soup, providing a flavorful, juicy taste.
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