Traditional Japanese food Vol.4 – Kansai Cuisine: Funa-Zushi

Funa-zushi is a prized delicacy made with Funa – “Crucian carp” from Lake Biwa in Shiga during the spawning season. After the fish is cleaned, leaving the eggs inside, it is pickled in salt for about a month. 
Then, it is washed thoroughly with water, pickled again with cooked rice and set aside for at least another six months to mature.
With its unique flavor and sour taste, you might have to be courageous when eating it for the first time.
Being highly nutritious, it is also known as “Japanese cheese”. 
Simply cut off a piece and eat it as it is, or enjoy it as Chazuke which is “Boiled rice with tea, porridge or clear soup”. 
Sushi made through lactic fermentation such as this Funa-zushi is called Nare-zushi and is one of the traditional preserved foods, in Japan.
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2 thoughts on “Traditional Japanese food Vol.4 – Kansai Cuisine: Funa-Zushi

  1. Wow this is very unique! I think people here would like it

    • Hi Jo-ann!
      How’ve you been doing??
      It’s good to see you again~

      Anyhow, this dish is not commonly found in cities..
      Honestly though, i’m not really a big fan of it. 🙂
      In case you’re wondering…(It tastes nothing like cheese!!)
      I thought it might be kinda interesting though!

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