Traditional Japanese food Vol.3 – Depachika

In Japanese department stores, the basement floor is a foodstuff market area. These areas go by the nickname “Depachika” – a combination of “depato”, meaning department store, and “chika”, meaning basement.
(Broken Japanese/Local slang)
The “Depachika” of Japan are great places to find food especially for take-out. 
The selections in these markets can be broken up into two categories: an area featuring everyday delicatessen style items and an area featuring snacks and treats.
Vegetables and fish are also sold at the perishable goods market area. 
With a diverse array of delicatessen shop spaces carrying Japanese, Western, and Chinese food, these “Depachika” areas are almost like outdoor markets. The fragrance of freshly baked bread wafts from the bakery shop, and the sound of Gyoza (fried dumplings) can be heard from another section. 
There is so much variety available, it seems like there is nothing that cannot be bought here. 
And some shops also offer food samples.
If you are offered, feel free to try a bite. Enjoy top level flavors casually at shops, with eat-in areas.
Many different kinds of “Bento are available for purchase here as well. You can even find Bento and Sushi take-out from the kind of Japanese restaurants selected by Michelin. There are also shops that sell foods prized by weight. 
Showcases of famous brand western and Japanese treats shops line the snack and treats area, and the beautiful colors and amount of diversity are absolutely amazing. Seasonal events, like the lineup of chocolate shops for Valentine’s Day, are really interesting and well worth a look!
Many of these “Depachika” areas are connected directly to subway stations, so they are great places to go shopping even on rainy days. They are always bustling with shoppers, but lunch time and evenings are very crowded and especially during late hours, just before the mall closes.
That is because many Japanese would pop by on the way back from work and the items can be sold for less then 50% of the original price!
(The reason for this is because food here is never kept overnight, freshness ensured!)
I hope this post helps, especially for visitors of japan.
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19 thoughts on “Traditional Japanese food Vol.3 – Depachika

  1. I really enjoyed the depachika of Mitsukoshi when I visited Japan ^^
    We also went to another depachika in Ginza and I tried 団子 but I didn’t think it was very good hehe…

  2. Great great blog. I propose to follow each other. If you agree to let me know in a comment on my blog!

  3. Pretty informative! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Followed you! ^^

  4. I love strolling through depachika! They have so many yummy food displayed beautifully 🙂
    Thanks for this informational post ^^

    • Meow! Hi Cat!!
      I love doing that too! Especially when i have to get quick take-outs on my way home! And yes, though it’s just a ‘supermart’; it looks more like a food display showcase.
      Presentation is key!!

      Thank you for stopping by, and the pleasure’s all mine!

      Best regards,

  5. Hey,
    I end up in this blog due to your instagram (feel like a stalker~ hahaha just kidding)
    This post remembered me to the LIVING market in my train station when I was living in Japan.
    Brought me many memories~
    Nice blog, I follow you 🙂

    • Hey Yuki!!
      Hahaha!! That’s a good one!! (Don’t worry about it, i love stalkers!)
      =D All jokes aside, I’m really happy and moved that you even took the time to stop by my blog & also, to be kind enough to leave a comment.

      I’m glad you liked it!

      Thank you so much!
      P.S. Where were you staying previously, in Japan?

      Hope to hear from you soon! =)

    • I was staying in Tanashi, Nishitokyo.
      And I plan to come back as soon as possible (外人を問題 haha)

      Thanks for follow back, hope you can enjoy also with my blog and weird tweets, hahaha.


  6. I love depachika too! They have one at Takashimaya here~~

    • Hi Jo!!!
      You doin’ good so far, I hope?

      Definitely, it would be strange if they didn’t have one!

      Is there a favorite food item you always get, when you visit the Depachika?

      Sincerely, Hideki

  7. Ayu

    I like your blog, I think it’s very great! ^_^

    • Hello アユちゃん!
      That’s very sweet of you, I really appreciate it!
      Thank you so so much!

      I’ve visited your blog also and i like it too!!
      I’ve followed you too!

      Please stay tuned for future updates! 😉

      Sincerely, Hideki

  8. Oh looks like a nice place for buy food! I love it the japanese food!
    Because is so delicious!
    Thnaks for this post!

    • Sakuranko! Hello!!
      It’s been quite awhile.
      How’s your day? 🙂

      You’re most welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed reading.
      Thank you for liking Japanese food too!
      Do visit a Depachika, should you visit Japan in future!

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yours truly, Hideki.

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