Tower Bridge…HUH?! Where’s London Bridge??

I always thought the iconic Tower Bridge was the “London Bridge” in the childhood song ♪ “London Bridge is falling down” . Apparently, it seems that “London Bridge” supposedly refers to several historical bridges that have spanned the River Thames between the City of London and Southwark, in central London.
However when asking for directions to the actual Tower Bridge, every local whom I’ve asked pointed in the direction of Tower Bridge – when I asked: “which way to LONDON BRIDGE?”
Not one pointed me toward the several historical bridges. Not one!
Can someone tell me is this London Bridge or Tower Bridge?
Fortunately, Tower Bridge is “London Bridge” to me and Tower Bridge is where I actually want to go!!
So thank you, for pointing me in the right direction! =)
From this, i conclude that the “several historical bridges” is probably “London Bridge on paper, in black and white and just for fun namesake”. And so as it seems, and according to the locals, the “TRUE LONDON BRIDGE” is – THE TOWER BRIDGE!
Don’t believe me just because I’m tipsy? Oops…
Try doing a Google search for : “London Bridge” and see what pops out!  V(^.^)V
Hahahahahahahahahaaa!! I win!
(Gotta admit though, I’ve had a little too much to drink as i type this and am kinda tipsy now – So…. please don’t mind my crap!!)

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge lights up at night glamorously
London’s Tower Bridge is one of the most recognizable bridges in the world. Its Victorian Gothic style stems from a law that forced the designers to create a structure that would be in harmony with the nearby Tower of London.

Bridge History

Plans for the Tower Bridge were devised around 1876 when the east of London became extremely crowded and a bridge across the Thames in that area of the city seemed a necessity. It would take another eight years – and lots of discussions about the design – before construction of the bridge started.
The bridge, designed by city architect Horace Jones in collaboration with John Wolfe Barry, would eventually be completed in 1894. Five contractors and nearly 450 workers were involved in the construction of the 265 meter long bridge.
It took 11,000 tons of steel to build the framework.
Ok, I suppose this isn’t the true London Bridge after all
 At the time many people disliked its Victorian Gothic design, but over time the bridge became one of London’s most famous symbols.


The proximity of the harbor and its location in the direction of the sea required for the bridge to allow the passage of large vessels.
Hence the decision to create a movable bridge which can be opened to accommodate boat traffic.
The mechanism to open the bridge is hidden in the two towers. Until 1976, when the mechanism became electrified, steam power was used to pump water into hydraulic accumulators which powered the engines.
Each deck is more than 30 meters wide and can be opened to an angle of 83 degrees.
When opened the bridge has a clearance of almost 45 meters. It used to open almost 50 times a day but nowadays it is only raised about 1,000 times a year.
Bridge lifts are pre-scheduled (for cruise ships, etc) so visitors can check the bridge’s website to find out when it will rise and lower.

Visiting the Bridge

Taking photographs of the Tower bridge is a favorite London tourist activity, but you can also go inside the bridge, where you’ll have a magnificent view over London from the walkway between the two bridge towers.
Beautiful views can be had from on top the Tower Bridge on a clear day
Here are a few views I would like to share with you from on atop the bridge!
Inside the bridge is the Tower bridge Exhibition, a display area that encompasses the walkway and the two famous towers where you can observe the Victorian engine room.
Visitors can learn about the history of the bridge via photos, films, and other media.

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This is Tower Bridge, not London Bridge as everybody calls it!
I hope you did enjoy this post and found it informative.
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4 thoughts on “Tower Bridge…HUH?! Where’s London Bridge??

  1. i love london! the place is amazing. weather not so much. i like your pictures 🙂 and nice cap + jacket you are wearing!

    • Hii Robin-chann!! I’m so happy to always receive such positive comments from you! You sure know how to raise my spirits and continue my motivation for blogging! And also, thanks for the sweet compliments on my attire! Most of my wardrobe are from Japan and you can check out the Jackrose Boutique for the Jacket! They might still have it in stock….i hope! 🙂

  2. Mia

    Oh wow… I think if it wasn’t for your post… I’d be very confused looking for “London Bridge” too! I never even knew London Bridge isn’t an actual bridge haha… At least you found Tower Bridge, which looks like a really nice bridge, especially at night!

    • Fully agreed!! But well…getting lost in London isn’t really a bad thing. I managed to discover more interesting sights while i was lost! haha! I’m glad you found my post informative! 🙂

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