The trip to Miyajima ⚓

The trip to Miyajima
Traveling to Hiroshima from Osaka as seen from my previous post, is actually very simple!
The link to it is here:

Again, we’ve arrived in Hiroshima via Osaka; by the Shinkansen.
And from here, we go to Miyajima!
A special thanks to Expedia for making this possible!
Had a good sleep and before we knew it,
Good Morning Everyone!
Waking up to a great view is something that always feels new!
Looking out the window, this is the view she had from our Hotel room.
 Pardon my love for playing with the Art Filters of my camera!
Alright, now that we were all set, we boarded the local train bound for the Ferry Terminal.
 We were blessed with gorgeous views along the way.
 Splendid views of the countryside, rice fields & even mountains could be had!
Gorgeous views of the countryside – from the Shinkansen!
A very beautiful Autumn colored mountain!
Make sure you’ve remembered to reserve your window seat! Do it early!
View of small towns could be seen, too.
 Almost arriving at our destination, the Ferry Terminal!
Upon arriving, we wasted no time and bought tickets for the next Ferry and immediately boarded it.
All aboard!
On board the ferry that’ll take us to Miyajima!
 This Ferry ride – the journey to Miyajima island, took us a mere 10 minutes from the time we boarded the Ferry!
Tori Gate of Miyajima in the distance, getting closer!!
The famed Tori Gate of Itsukushima Shrine; we’re almost there!!
Awestruck by the beauty of nature.
Hi deer dear!
Yeah!! We’re finally in Miyajima!
Stay tuned for the next part of this post, which would cover Miyajima – in depth!

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8 thoughts on “The trip to Miyajima ⚓

  1. I really love your post and your photos are amazing. *w*
    bai, Shiki

  2. Lovely photos ; D

  3. Hi Josh~
    with the happiness that I’ve actually (you know why~)
    I must say that I’m in love with the little girl. She’s very cute.
    Which camera do you have? I love the filters! It would be great for a photosession, no need to photoshop later hahahaha

    Best Regards.

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