The Sims!~

I was doing some cleaning in my messy cramped little closet. Guess what i found!The Sims! 

The Sims: Livin’ Large 
The Sims: House Party
The Sims: Hot Date
The Sims: Vacation
The Sims: Unleashed
The Sims: Superstar     
The Sims: Makin’ Magic

It’s been ages since I’ve last played The Sims Complete Collection! Yes,all expansion packs included! 

Until recently, I was feeling kinda bored and I thought I’d decide to give The Sims another go! So, after countless “rosebud”- (s) , Im §800,000+ richer and decided to build a dream house! At least, a dream house which “has a little bit of everything”(from the ‘buy’ menu in-game). That will be our theme: “a little bit of everything”.

~~~ ╔͎═͓═͙╗
~~~ ̨ͨ╚̨̈́═̈́﴾ ̥̮̂˖̫˖̥̮  ̂ )

It will be a 1-story house, on a HUGE piece of land! Soon after, i started to buy almost everything on the ‘buy’ menu in-game. From objects ranging from a cozy fireplace, to a twinkling dance floor with loud blaring speakers to a huge aquarium which you can swim in; And themes from wallpapers ranging from medieval to animal prints, there’s even the ‘kinky’ themed room too! 

Without doing any more cheats (and very sore fingers), i proceeded to build the ‘dream house’. 

I started to daydream and took a trip down memory lane!

Without further delay, HERE IT IS! 

As you can see from the picture on the left, this is the Verandah of the house. Lets call it “Merlin’s Verandah”. “Merlin’s Verandah” is the main enterance to the house with a garden that has a fountain in the middle; which you can walk through. The door on the left leads to the “Pet room”, the door in the middle leads to the “piano room”, and the door on the right leads to the “living room” which has a swimming pool in it.

Here’s another shot of “Merlin’s garden”!

Here’s the “Pet room”! This is where that door on the left leads to. There’s a wide variety of pets like the classic goldfish, guinea pigs. to timid turtles. There’s the Feline Furninator and a scratch post for cats, and theres the Pad Prolifique doghouse too! A wide variety of birds including speaky scarlet the parrot is here too! We also have iguanas here!

The next room you’ll enter after the “pet” room, is “Hell’s Kitchen”. I stockpiled the kitchen with all the appliances i could find. Mostly top-of-the-line grade stuff. Huge stove used only in restaurants, check. dishwasher, check,  rubbish compressor, check. microwave, food blender, coffee mixer; check.

The door from the other end of the kitchen leads to “Camelot”. This Masterbedroom has two doors. The theme of this room is; ‘royal medieval’, inspired by King Arthur’s castle. With a canopy bed, walls colored with hues of brown, tan and purple floor tiles and lighting which gives out a soft warm yellow glow.

At the back of the shoji screen is the computer area of the “Camelot” with doors; one leading to a Spa,  and another leading to the dining room. King Arthur is now Tech savvy!

This is “David’s Spa” that was mentioned above. a flashy colorful spa where you can lose yourself. Loud wallpapers, multi coloured flashing lights, paintings and art decors, there’s even a golden sculpture of “David” in boxer shorts. Bathroom appliances include a bath with the relaxation of a spa, a Ponce de Leon tub able to do Sulfur Baths, the Whispersteam personal steamer and more!

Next up is the “Dining room”. This is where the other set of doors from the “Camelot” link to. There are two more sets of doors in the dining room which leads to the “XXX” room and the “Swim-in aquarium”.

“Swim-in aquarium”. Swim LIKE a Fish, WITH the fish.

“XXX” room. Need I explain more? This room here is designed to take you to another place with your other half (or playmate). The star attraction of this place is Vibromatic heart bed and that’s probably the ‘other place’ you and your partner will spend most your time in. This playroom leads to “Bling bling sparklie clean”, home to a heart shaped bubble bath. And a small “Cozy washroom” to freshen up.

“Bling bling sparklie clean” – Niagarra love tub. Walls of mirrors. Neon lights. Leopard printed walls. Bathing will never be the same.

Here’s the “Cozy washroom”. Its just a small simple washroom to answer nature’s call. It’s walls are lined with the pink and yellow neon Symbol Lights to ensure you don’t lose the magic (should you have the need to relieve yourself).

We go back to “Merlin’s Verandah” described earlier and go through the door straight ahead this time, leading to the “Amadeus room”. Named after Mozart, whose middle name was Amadeus, the center piece of this room is the ivory white, Liebefunkenmann Grand piano.

To the left of “Amadeus” is the “Stranger Friends” room. Fireplace made with elegant river rock and organically grown pine together with an antique four-poster bed. The atmosphere it casts warms the hearts of even the most difficult guest.

“The Matrix” – Instead of a balcony, the Guest room leads to a unique facility. The Galileo Free-for all; A Skydiving Simulator that’ll make you fly with the stars. “For the sim who likes the feel of wind in their mouth.”

The other side of the “Stranger Friends” leads you to the Lounge. The Lounge consists of  three section/parts and this is the first. An arcade/video games room with games like Sim mars, ST-2 Barky’s revenge and also a Pinball machine. Great place for hanging out!

Two glass doors deeper into the lounge is the next section. The disco is simply named “ACID” for its melty walls and trippy hallucination inducing lights. State of the art AV equipment include the Turntablitz DJ booth, coupled with the Musicphile Giga-fi stereo and paired together with the Neukum stereo and Tall reference 300 speakers, you’d blast your brains out! Blast your brains out on a “Bounce my booty” dance floor! Computer controlled lights respond to the beat to bounce your brains on the floor, after they have been blasted out!

The last section of the Lounge consists of a small room centered around an Oxygen bar with a device that not-surprisingly looks more like a “Hi-Tech Bong of the future”. Guests here can literally take a breath of fresh air, or more. Walls are adorned with psychedelic paintings.
“Skinny Hippo” is the swimming pool where only skinny hippies can dip! The ‘F’-shaped pool comes with Spring board & Waterslide, complete with Bubble walls!
At the other side of pool, is the “Hall of Fame”. This is the “living room”. The picture explains it all, and the theme is: ‘Hollywood’.

Finally, a “Powder room” sits in the top right corner of “Hall of Fame”, and the doorway in the bottom leads back to “Merlin’s Verandah”.

There! My dream house is finally built, and I’m officially §800,000 poorer. 
[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅50)̲̅$̲̅] [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
Anyone care to donate §5 to me? I don’t have enough to buy the groceries…

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  1. Great! I also play Sims but only on my phone hehe. SIMS Free Play. 🙂


    • That’c cool! I used to have it, but not anymore! haha! Cheers! 🙂

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