The Miyajima Aquarium

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☀ Autumn in Miyajima
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After absorbing and taking in the wonderful sights that Miyajima had to offer, the Temples, Shrines, Nature Parks & Trails – not to forget the wild deer that raided our bag and stole out sandwich, it was time for FOOD!!
We finally had a proper lunch – a really late one too, at a cozy little family owned restaurant in close proximity to our next destination; 
The Miyajima Aquarium! 
Kaiseki Cuisine – cheap!
The “Missus” has a simple or toned down version of  ‘Kaiseki Cuisine’, with the main focus here on the 
“カキフライ” – “Kaki Fry” which Miyajima is well known for – fresh oysters. 
In English, “カキフライ” simply translates to “Fried Oysters”
For more on Kaiseki Cuisine, check out my previous post, here:
Unadon – Eel with rice, filling & tasty, yet healthy!
As for myself and the little kiddo, we shared a bowl of 鰻丼.
鰻丼 = Unadon, which means Unagi (rice) Bowl.
Unagi in the English language means: Eel. 
Upon completing our late late lunch, it was time to head into the Aquarium!! =)
Mr. Tortoise is sunbathing!
ensures you a memorable holiday!
Miyajima Suizokukan
Miyajima Public Aquarium
Miyajima Aquarium
Is this enough to make you plan a visit to this aquarium sometime in the future?
Standing in the far western end of Miyajima’s town area, the Miyajima Public Aquarium was rebuilt, greatly improved and reopened in August 2011.
The Miyajima Aquarium is a family-friendly activity for anyone visiting Miyajima island. 
Moon Jellyfish!
These look more like lights which i would decorate my apartment with! =P

This aquarium introduces the sea life of the local salt and fresh waters around Miyajima, the Seto Inland Sea and seas and oceans around the globe. 
Among the more original displays is an oyster farm as can be seen in large numbers around the island of Miyajima.
Beautiful yet dangerous – Lionfish!
History of Miyajima Aquarium
Boxfish – dangerous yet cute!
Originally built in the 1980’s, it has been rebuilt on the same location, but has been completely remodeled.  The new version of Hiroshima’s only aquarium re-opened its doors in the summer of 2011.
Find Nemo!
This is a really nice touch added to the upgraded aquarium!
We just had Una YOU, for lunch??!
The aquarium doesn’t seem as big as the most famous in Japan, but it has an impressive 13,000 creatures of 350 distinct varieties which are found in Hiroshima’s surrounding Seto-inland sea.
“Eeeee! They’re coming for meeeee!”
Green Turtles – a graceful and rare species
 There are also some popular creatures imported from abroad  including Penguins, Turtles, Sea Lions and Otters which are also on display. 
The “finless” dolphins are one of the most popular attractions and seem very interested in us as they will come up to the glass and look directly at you.
A humongous Japanese Spider Crab
Upon entering, there is a special area dedicated to the bizarre “Kabuto-gani” horse-shoe crabs which have lived in the Japanese waters and migrated in Spring to the shores which now form the Seto-inland sea for millions of years. 
They are considered by experts to be living fossils as they have not changed in shape, size or lifestyle habit throughout evolution.
On the first floor, there is a tide pool area where children are encouraged to touch and pick up some of the harmless sea creatures on display. Starfish, sea cucumbers, seaweed of many different types and more are fun for kids to interact with there.
Now you see how and why dolphins were mistook for mermaids in the past
The most popular attractions at the aquarium are the shows with the penguins and Sea Lions which are held a few times each day.
Moray Eels have delicate patterns on their skin
Feeding times are also a popular spectacle as the divers enter the big tanks to feed the fish, manta ray, eels, turtles and sharks.
The Octopus is currently the smartest creature living under the sea!
Octopus too, my personal favorite!
Okay, this is actually a Devilfish
This here, is a very wicked looking Stone fish that look like it has cross breed-ed with a Tiger shrimp?
In all honesty, I have a wild imagination but this guy “ROCKS”.
*Pun not intended! =P
Penguin feedings in their enclosure are also popular “shutter chance” opportunities. The Otters are a popular display to watch at anytime as they are always entertaining – frantically repeating their swimming and climbing routines.
Other activities include looking through glass viewing containers at the small pool just after entering. 
Of course, if you are keen- watching one of the live shows can offer interactive opportunities for some lucky people in the audience.
A big tip here: Sit in the front middle row if you want to interact with the sea lions! 
After the show ended, we took another stroll through the aquarium to check out the other stuff we missed.
(The live show was the last of the day and we skipped quite a few attractions in order not to have missed the show)
We enjoyed the live show at Miyajima very much!
So without further ado, here are the rest of the pictures of the wonderful sea life that Miyajima Aquarium has to offer.
Enjoy the pictures!
 Not long after, it was about time for the aquarium to close.
We left through the back exit, which is a rather nice place too.
It gave us beautiful views of the sea.
….And also because it was a designated smoking area too! 

A special thanks to Expedia for making this possible!

…Which brings us to the end of this post!
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