The Bridge of Love – ❤

Part 6
Previously, we went to visit Mirabell Palace & after which, we’re now heading for Festungsberg: site of Hohensalzburg Castle.
Hohensalzburg Castle
But not before passing by Makartsteg…the Lovers Bridge, first!
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 Which brings us to this post. This is what we’ll be covering today!!
Let’s start off with  Festungsberg!!
Festungsberg is a mountain city in Salzburg, Austria.
It is also the site that Hohensalzburg Castle is built on.
The mountain is located in the south of the Altstadt, meaning; Old Town quarter and it forms the northern rim of the Salzkammergut range within the Northern Limestone Alps.
In order to get to Festungsberg, we had to cross the Makartsteg.
“What is Makartsteg?”, you might ask…


The Makartsteg is a bridge over the Salzach River in Salzburg′s city center.
Salzach River half-frozen


It was named after the 19th century Historic painter Hans Makart, who was born and raised in Salzburg. 
Makart became famous as a painter of the Viennese Historicism, providing artwork for many of the pompous buildings of the Ringstraße.
The Makartsteg is open for pedestrians and cyclists only.
The current bridge is Salzburg′s most modern bridge in the city center and already the third Makartsteg. The first one was built in 1905 and was demolished in 1967, when the second Makartsteg was built. 
The Bridge of Love
This second one became famous as the “swinging bridge” – if you stood still at the center, you could feel it move rather strongly.
The locals that grew up in the area rememberd well how this caused great delight among them when they were children. The “swinging bridge” effect had not been intended by the architects; and with some 20,000 pedestrians crossing the Makartsteg on average daily, the second bridge was soon in bad shape.
Which brings us to the present Makartsteg we have, today.

The second Makartsteg was demolished once again in 2000. 
One year after, the latest & current bridge was opened with a massive festival: Live music along the river banks during a warm June night, fireworks and some 25,000 people cheered at the most elegant Makartbridge the city had seen so far.
Salzach River and the Makartsteg


It soon became known as…
♥ The Love Bridge 
This is the bridge in Salzburg where couples go to lock their love.
Padlocks on the Love Bridge
A Love Bridge is a bridge in which sweethearts inscribe their names or initials are unto a padlock, before locking the padlock to the bridge – symbolizing their love.The key to the padlock is then thrown away into the river to symbolize unbreakable love.
The Makartsteg is currently filled with tiny locks, on which hearts and initials are scribbled.

We walked the bridge- eyeing couple after couple in one of the most beautiful cities.
There was so much love that could be felt, just by being in this area.
“Hey birdy, you look so cold…!”
P.S. The swans and gulls in the lake beneath the bridge seems to only hang out around this one particular bridge. Coincidence or dreamy? You decide!
And finally after crossing the Makartsteg…
Hohensalzburg Castle

Hohensalzburg Castle is a real eye-catcher peaking out high above the baroque towers of the city. This fortress in Salzburg is an unmistakable landmark providing the city’s world famous silhouette.
Hohensalzburg Castle far off in the distance
Even from afar, the visitor will still be able to appreciate the might of this edifice.
The dim glimmer of lights reflecting off the half frozen lake in Austria during twilight hours is truly a sight to behold!
I can’t deny, it’s a really beautiful sight.
Hohensalzburg Castle is a monument of over 900 years and is one of the largest existing 11th century fortresses in Europe. 

Every crevice of the walls, every nook and cranny of this magnificent complex brings forth its own fascinating background information, stories, myths and legends.
The “Blue Hour”
Today Hohensalzburg Castle is a popular destination for trips and outings, and very likely on the must-see list of every visitor to Salzburg.
This beautiful fortress is one of the largest medieval castles ever built, in Europe.
 Can anyone make a guess to where we’re heading to next?? 😉
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