Sydney City Walkabout – Culture & Monuments

City of Sydney
Walkabout Pt.1
Culture & Monuments
Sydney; the capital of New South Wales is the most populous city in Australia.
It is situated on Australia’s south-east coast, on the Tasman Sea.
We’re in Sydney!
Vibrant and a cosmopolitan city with a diverse population, It counts a rich history together with internationally-recognized tourist attractions and an exciting calendar of events all year round!
The City of Sydney is the local government authority responsible for the city center and more than 30 suburbs and parts of suburbs within our boundaries.
The City is fast becoming a leading environmental performer and our sustainability plan guides what we do. Sustainable development is not just about the physical environment, but also about fostering Sydney’s economy, society and culture.
Sydney – Chinese Gardens of Friendship
This is the gateway & entrance to the Chinese Gardens in Sydney.
For more information on the gardens, check out the link below!

Capitol Square
The Capitol Square atrium mezzanine has one of Australia’s largest entertainment centers based on the Purikura & Game machines of Japan. A magnet for young adult and student participants, the bright light and activity are complemented by the coffee and dessert restaurants that also trade late. 
The 18 suite Karaoke Centre opens from midday right through to 4:00 am and has its entrance on George Street, right at the foot of the stairs to Technocity. Whether you need to belt out a song in one of the private Karaoke rooms in the early afternoon or prefer to really let your hair down in the small hours, Capitol Square is happy to oblige.
For those with much less boisterous needs, Technocity has a specialist reseller of the latest in hobby toys, collectibles and anime. A large range of figurines especially for those latest and hottest Japanese animations and is the perfect place to find a distinctive gift for a special occasion or that missing piece from your own personal collection.

Capitol Theatre
Sydney’s beautiful historic Capitol Theatre is host to world class musicals, theater, ballet, concerts and performers.
The site on which The Capitol Theatre stands has been used for entertainment for well over 100 years. The Capitol Theatre is now regarded as one of the finest theatres in the country. ­
The theatre is beautifully illuminated at night.
Capitol Theatre
A grand old tradition continues….

Sydney’s Chinatown
Visiting Chinatown in Sydney can be an exciting and rewarding experience for any tourist. You can find some of the best Chinese culture right in this neighborhood. 
This neighborhood offers some of the best festivals, shops, history, and even food. This is essential when walking through the streets all day that you stop for a hot plate of traditional Chinese cuisine.
The food in Chinatown is some of the best you will see outside of Asia. You will be able to sit down, and rest your feet after a long day of walking, inside one of the relaxed restaurants. 
Make sure to order one of your favorite classic Chinese dishes of the menu, and satisfy your hunger!

St Andrew’s Cathedral
Situated above busy Town Hall Railway Station, St Andrew’s Cathedral is right in the heart of Sydney. 
Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney
A popular tourist attraction, next to Sydney’s Town Hall, it is also a key evangelical church for overseas and interstate visitors.
The Cathedral is the central gathering place for Diocesan events, being the “seat” of the Archbishop of Sydney. These events draw large numbers of people together from many parishes. The Cathedral is also the place for the consecration of the Bishops and Archbishop, special outreach events, and training and teaching conferences.
The wider community of Sydney also enjoy coming to the Cathedral for special occasions.
And yet for all the grand occasions, the Cathedral is also a great place to come for weddings. Many a couple will enjoy sharing their special day at St Andrew’s Cathedral.
Even in the midst of a busy city, there are times when the Cathedral can be a place to sit quietly and pray and think. There are people stationed around to talk with, about the gospel of the Lord, and also, Christian books to purchase from the bookshop.
The Cathedral continues to be the center of the Christian celebrations in the city throughout the year. At Christmas time especially, thousands of people flock to the Cathedral, to hear again the message of the birth of the Savior, celebrated in music and song and through the preaching.
Another noteworthy place of worship which truly deserves a visit, is another cathedral – St Mary’s Cathedral.
Situated right in the center of Sydney, Hyde Park.
I did a blogpost on it previously, too!
Check it out, in the links above!
Market City
A Shopping Centre But Not As You Know It.
Market City represents a meeting of two worlds. Here, great shopping brands mingle in the malls amongst more exotic elements of Asian culture. Blended together, they create a wonderful Asian fusion, one that makes a refreshing change from regular shopping. 
It’s hardly surprising the centre is infused with the flavours of Asia; Market City is located directly above Paddy’s Markets, right in the heart of Chinatown.
Paddy’s Markets in Sydney
Market City has all the variety and choice you expect from a shopping centre; it’s the only shopping destination in the CBD with 30 factory outlets. But it’s whats inside that truly makes this place unique. 
The centre buzzes with the life and character of Asia. You’ll be surrounded by bargains and immersed in culture. It’s an exciting mix. 
And Market City is open every day for you to experience it for yourself.


Market City is also situated close by to Darling Harbour, which is home to numerous attractions such as Sydney Sea Life Aquarium, among many more!

Click the links below to see more interesting places to visit in Sydney!


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