Sydney City – Darling Harbour

While I was in Sydney previously, took some street shots for you guys to see!
Hope you enjoy em’!

Sydney City
Darling Harbour
Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia.
The City of Sydney is the local government authority responsible for the city center and more than 30 suburbs and parts of suburbs within it’s boundaries.
Sydney is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a diverse population. It counts a rich history, great food,  internationally recognized tourist attractions and an exciting calendar of events as some of its features.
That’s Sydney Tower Eye btw; i’ll be covering that sometime soon too!
Darling Harbour, One of  The most beautiful Harbour I’ve ever been to..
The Australian National Maritime Museum, on the western shore of Sydney‘s Darling Harbour, is in a lively heritage precinct with many attractions

Featuring historic vessels and migrant ships; also offers research facility for genealogy, maritime research, arts and culture.

The distinctive main building, with a roofline evoking waves and sails, houses exhibitions that explore Australia’s links with the sea consider how maritime activities and issues have shaped the lives of people in Australia.

These exhibitions are themed, ranging from Indigenous lore and European seafaring to aquatic sport and the maritime defense of Australia’s shores.
It’s highly worth the visit!
Check it out it you happen to drop by the area!
We really like Darling Harbour!
It was a really gloomy day but still, we didn’t let the weather get us down!
…And though gloomy, the place was still lookin’ beautiful in it’s own way!
It was really nice getting to see families spend time with their kids in the play area!


I’ll huff, I’ll puff & I’ll blow your ship away…
^ Gloomy skies above.. ^
“Can I have a picture with you?” – Leonardo DiCaprio
Huge Imax Theater! Claims to be the biggest in the world, I’m not gonna dispute that fact.
(I almost took out my camera halfway during a show….to take a picture..)
A lil more pictures before the end of the post!

I hope you’ve enjoyed them!!

This is one truly beautiful Harbour.
Thanks for reading!

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