St Mary’s Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral stands in the center of Sydney, Australia. 
A Catholic statement of grace and beauty, that’s what this place is.

Generations of artists have bequeathed to it their magnificent gifts in stone and glass, designing a unique space of solace and prayer within this vibrant city.

This Cathedral represents the spiritual origins of the Catholic Church in Australia. It is one of Sydney’s most treasured historic buildings and one of the finest examples of English-style Gothic churches in the world.
William Wilkinson Wardell, the 19th century architect, dreamed of a Gothic structure shaped from the local yellow-block sandstone on which this city is built.
This building, St Mary’s Cathedral; was finally completed 100 years after the architect’s death. 
Beautiful architecture, and it looks just lovely on a sunny day.
I personally feel that the yellow sandstone makes it rather unique!
As a backdrop to Hyde Park, it couldn’t be beaten. 

Particularly when lit up at night.

Nighttime Illuminations.
It’s lovely inside and we ended up staying for mass, approximately 40 minutes. It was so nice to sit, take in the surroundings and then to hear the choir boys sing.
Despite the people inside, it was completely silent. The artificial lighting kept everything to a candle lit glow.
Its location is amazingly convenient; being right next to Hyde Park, it’s also near the Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
St Mary’s Cathedral is only a short walk from away from Pitt Street Mall and Martin Place.
Although somewhat similar in architecture, it wouldn’t be fair to compare this lovely church with some of those in Europe, there’s a distinct historical difference. 
However, if you’re looking for a respite from the traffic light sprint, then do take a look!
This church is a part of Australian history and deserves a visit.
The Cathedral is dedicated specially to: “Mary, Help of Christians”; Patron of Australia.
Overall this is a wonderful place to visit. It has great architecture that is very imposing, somehow majestic. 
Add to the Wonderful view from Hyde Park and you just can’t go wrong!

This place was well worth the visit. 🙂
Check it out if you happen to be in the area!

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18 thoughts on “St Mary’s Cathedral

  1. Hi Josh! Thanks for dropping a comment time to time 🙂 it’s great to get a update from you!

    Seems like you’re enjoying the summer holidays ^^ you always travel haha! Make me jelly 😛 the cathedral looks really beautiful too! I always love visiting historical architectures ^^

    Anyway I hope you’re happy and healthy 🙂 take care!

    • Hellooooooo Cat!!!!!!!!!
      Please don’t mention it! – The pleasure’s all mine!!

      I DID have a great time, but now…busy busy busy!!!
      Sometimes I wish I could travel a little less! =P

      And finally, yup! The cathedral is really unique – I love visiting historical sites, monuments & architectures too.
      Guess that’s one more thing we have in common! =D

      Thankyou so much for the encouragement!
      Means a lot to me & I’ll try my best to do so!!

      Best regards, Hideki Josh~

  2. I love the landscapes !
    I’d really like to go to Australia.

    Thanks for your comment ! *_*

  3. Woww…beautiful photos! Looks like you had a great time! Thank you so much for stopping by and for following! I’m following you back now 🙂
    Have a nice weekend<3


    “Saúde & Beleza – Health & Beauty”

  4. Thank you for your comment:) i’m following your blog via bloglovin now;)

  5. Really amazing photos.

  6. Love the cathedral shots, really cool. I just uploaded my first post from LOS ANGELES featuring my new CHANEL BOY BAG from the edimboug pre-fall 2013 collection, please do tell me what you think, it’s one my favorite outfit posts and would love some feedback, blesses 😉

    xx The Provoker

    i am very glad that you wrote me! hehe,
    i am fine! what about you? youre in Australia
    right now? WOW! never been there, want to
    go there too! :PP
    by the way.. : I really like your style! O_O its
    amazing how you look! seriously! XD 😉

    have a nice weekend!!


    • Hi Pata-chan!
      I’m glad to hear from you!
      I’m doing good too, although very busy!

      Thanks for your generous compliments, I am very honored!! =D
      You’re lookin’ pretty good yourself, too.

      Please do visit Australia should you have the chance, you’ll love it; i’m sure!

      Have a great week ahead!

  8. beautiful photos <3

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