Square Enix Showcase – Tokyo

Square Enix Showcase
Square-Enix, most well known for being the company that creates great memorable games like the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series and the Dragon Quest series.
Final Fantasy!
With amazing storytelling skills and story-lines, the games they create hit you so hard emotionally, they leave such deep impressions on you LONG after the games ended! My favorite games here are Final Fantasy 8, FFX and the Kingdom Hearts series. If I remember correctly, the first time I picked up FF8; I was about 8 years old? After that, life has never been the same! 🙂
It left such a deep impression on me that even now, I occasionally relate my life to events in game!
This here is the Square Enix Showcase in Shinjuku – Tokyo; and it produces and recreates your favorite digital heroes (sometimes villains too), into sculptures and collector’s figurines! It’s an awesome Showcase!
Memory can be a really sad thing as no matter how great an experience or event was, eventually after time, it fades… However the Square Enix Showcase here jolts your memories, allowing you to relight the flames in our hearts, re-living our memories!
The merchandise offered  here come in a wide variety! From accessories like necklaces, bracelets and key-rings to t-shirts, posters and soundtrack CD’s.
A huge range of cute soft plushies are available and of course not to mention, the STARS of the show; The figurines!
The figurines come in a WIDE variety of different kinds, builds and many different characters!
You don’t really have to be a fan to enjoy this!
For Sephiroth fans!
I’m very sure all of you will instantly recognize him.
Sephiroth, everyone’s most favourite infamous villain is recreated here in a life size sculpture! 
His body, beautifully preserved in the Lifestream. If you’ve played the game FF7, you know how it ends.
There is even something for Gackt fans! This here is the one and only, the outfit that Gackt wore during the filming of the soundtrack of Final Fantasy 7 Dirge of Cerberus. The 2 awesome songs recorded were: Longing & Redemption. In fact, this very outfit was modeled after the same outfit that the game’s villain, Genesis wore. Genesis was kinda like Sephiroth’s rival and hence, you could have an idea of how powerful he was.
Genesis himself was also modeled after Gackt and in an interview long ago, Square’s character designer had stated in an interview that some of Final Fantasy’s characters were modeled after him, too. Yes, in Japan, the very talented musician is ranked as the country’s no.1 hottest male!
Here are more pictures of the Square Enix Showcase!
I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, and this post!
Take a trip down memory lane!
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║╔╗║    if you love Anime!

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  1. Nice photos~ You both look great ^_^

  2. I watched Advent Children and the quality just blew my mind. I wish all animes are like that LOL

  3. q0q0: Thankyou! (-.*)V

    Blair: Yeah, I agree! It was a big budget anime film! Love it too! Did you see the Extended Cut version? 🙂

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