Singapore Night Safari [Part-2]

Singapore Night Safari – Part 2

Fishing Cat Trail

The Fishing Cat Trail simulates a nighttime trek through the jungles of Singapore. Here, you can expect to see native species of animals that either used to or are still roaming their forests today.

Fishing Cat Trail

The key highlight along this trail is the fishing cat exhibit. Designed to offer guests an up close view into the riverside life of the fishing cat, the dense vegetation of this exhibit is fronted by a river, with fallen logs by the river edge.

The fishing cat is a patient hunter and spends long periods stalking fish by the water edge. The moment a prey swims by, they will plunge into the water with lightning speed and grab the prey with their partially webbed paws.

As your multi-sensory journey continues, keep your nose up for a whiff of a popcorn-like aroma coming from a nearby habitat; that is the natural scent of the binturongs or bear cats.

Moving ahead in the darkness, listen out for the sound of Indian gharials feeding in the shallow waters of their marsh habitat.

Fishing Cat Trail

You’ll also get to see the barking deer, the pint-sized greater and lesser mouse deer, small-clawed otters as well as the curious slow loris.

Another must-see along this trail are the pangolins. Their glass-fronted, cross sectional exhibit allows viewing of the subterranean and ground levels of their home.

Fishing Cat Trail

Despite their scaly appearance, pangolins are actually mammals. They are highly endangered due to poaching for the illegal wildlife trade. Night Safari is proud to be the first in the world to have successfully bred the Sunda pangolin.

Next to the pangolins, is a calm and quiet village house. This is where you can spot the common palm civets trail along ropes and branches. These cat-like critters are considered pests due to their pungent secretion.

Fishing Cat Trail

Travel deeper and you’ll find yourself in the marshlands where a family of pelicans, marsh birds, flying foxes and more await you.

Experience a multi-sensory wildlife adventure on a Tram

The best way to begin your exploration of Singapore’s No. 1 Nightspot is on our guided tram tour. This exciting 40-minute expedition is a delightful way to travel deep into the domain of the world’s most fascinating nocturnal animals. Your knowledgeable tram guide will fill you in on the special residents as you journey through 7 geographical zones of the world.

Traversing changing landscapes, vegetation and wildlife habitats, your moving escapade will put you in the best seat to observe the nocturnal animals in their specially lit enclosures. Listen out for the sounds of the forest – rushing water, singing insects, and the occasional calls of nocturnal animals. It’s a multi-sensory adventure every member of your family will enjoy.

Tram Safari Experience

Himalayan Foothills

Imagine an evening’s drive along the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. Our journey into the 7 zones of the Night Safari began in this rocky terrain marked by arid vegetation and steep slopes.

Amid the sound of gushing mountain water, you will be greeted by the sight of the Himalayan tahrs. In their naturalistic habitat, these wild mountain goats can be seen standing sure-footedly on the rocky outcrops. This habitat is also home to the bharals. Watch them grazing peacefully in the night and you’ll be able to see why these animals are also known as blue sheep.

Tram Safari Experience

On a rugged hillside, you’ll want to watch out for the world’s largest wild goat, the markhors. Looking more like creatures out of a fairy tale, they owe their mythical appearance to their long corkscrewing horns.

And just before you cross over to the majestic Indian Subcontinent, keep a lookout for other mountain dwellers like the mouflons, ancestors of the domestic sheep.

Indian Subcontinent

This diverse landscape lies just beyond the shadow of the Himalayan Foothills.

The first animals on this journey are the barasingha deer with their antlers that can have as many as 12 branches. These deer share their habitat with a pair of Manchurian cranes which have adapted to living in the swamplands.

Tram Safari Experience

Keep an eye out for predators as we approach the territory of the striped hyenas. The only species of hyenas found in Asia, these striped scavengers are active in the night; you’ll be able to a great view of their night-time foraging behavior from the tram.

Night Safari

The route also takes you to explore a section of the dense Gir Forest of India where Gir lions roam proudly with their pride. Even though they’re smaller than their African cousins, these Asian lions are equally aggressive. Despite that, sadly only around 300 of them exist in the wild today. Night Safari is proud to say we continue to be successful in breeding these kings of the jungle.

The Indian Subcontinent zone is also home to the sloth bear. In fact, the animal might already catch your attention before you see it; listen out for the loud sucking noises it makes as it tries to extract delicious morsels from nearby insect mounds.

The East Lodge Station marks the end of the Indian Subcontinent tram route and the start of the fascinating Equatorial Africa region. Visitors who wish to explore the walking trails can alight at the East Lodge Station and head on foot to explore the Leopard Trail.

Equatorial Africa

At the northern-most tip of the Night Safari tram route, a gentle turn takes you to the plains of Equatorial Africa. Here you will see familiar wildlife favorites including giraffes, zebras, hippopotami, spotted hyenas and more.

Out in the open grassland, herbivores like the Grant’s zebras, Cape giraffes and oryxes reside peacefully, grazing the night away. View them at a more leisurely pace from the paved walking paths after the tram ride.

Night Safari

Past the grassland and into the farther reaches of the savannah, you may feel as though you are being watched. A clan of spotted hyenas are nearby. Known for their excellent eyesight and hearing which make them skilled hunters in the night, these dog-like animals are actually a closer relative to cats. Famous for their rowdy vocals, you might be treated a sampling of why they are nicknamed “laughing hyenas”.

Over on the other side of the tram track, the lechwe antelopes reign. Among the most aquatic of Africa’s antelopes, they are blessed with greasy, waterproof coats that help the animal stay dry when they dive the waters of their wilderness home for aquatic grass.

Farther along in the grasslands, watch out for the biggest African antelopes – the bongos. The spiraling horns and white stripes adorning their chestnut red coat make them a striking sight.

Another heavyweight in the wild that you should look out for here are the Nile hippos. Just before the tram crosses into the Indo-Malayan Region, you will be able to spot these grass-eating creatures that kill more humans in Africa than any other animals. Listen out as your tram guide gives you the full story.

Night Safari

Indo-Malayan Region

From Equatorial Africa, we enter the lush rainforests and mangrove habitats of the Indonesian and Malayan regions.

Here, you will see the peculiar looking babirusa, a pig with canines that pierce through their upper jaws. Tough as the canines look, they break off easily and are more of a “show-off” item for attracting females.

The babirusa family here, live right next door to the meat-loving Malayan tiger. These apex predators may have no equal in the jungle but they are threatened by poachers and habitat destruction. With fewer than 500 left in the Malaysian rainforest, Malayan tigers join almost every other tiger species on the endangered list.

The Indo-Malayan region of your journey leads into the Asian Riverine Forest where you can find the Night Safari’s majestic bull elephant, Chawang, and more!

Asian Riverine Forest

Out of the jungles of the Indo-Malayan region, the tram meanders into the riverine rainforests of Southeast Asia.

Major highlights along this route are the encounters with the free-roaming Malayan tapirs and, of course, the all-time favourite Asian elephants.

Keep your eyes peeled for the tapirs whose black and white coats give them excellent camouflage in the dark. They almost always appear within an arm’s length of the tram, foraging slowly for shoots and leaves in the undergrowth.

Tram Safari Experience

The Asian elephant family is also a sight to behold. While you are greeted by the herd of female elephants and their young, make sure you keep an eye out for Chawang, our famed bull elephant and mascot of Night Safari. For an even closer encounter that includes an unforgettable interactive session with the elephants, sign up for the Premium Safari Adventurer Tour!

The bearded pigs and the highly social red dholes also call this region home. Swift and nimble, the endangered red dholes live in tight-knit packs in the wild. Here, you can see the wild dogs in their naturalistic forest clearing habitat.

From the Asian Riverine Forest, the tram descends into the Nepalese River Valley for an encounter with the diverse life forms of the wet marshlands and low-lying terrain.

Night Safari

Nepalese River Valley

As the tram journeys on, be prepared to catch full view of a rich array of animals foraging in the moonlight. The tram will drive through the forest habitat of one of the largest Asian deer, the sambar. Within the same habitat, look out for a herd of free-ranging spotted axis deer which are often seen dashing across the track while narrowly avoiding the tram. The world’s tallest flying birds, the saurus cranes, can also be seen, sometimes strutting right up to park visitors.

Along the Nepalese River Valley route, listen out for the howl of the Indian wolf. Some believe they are howling to the moon, while others think they are calling out to something else – you decide.

Tram Safari Experience

Look out also for the living armoured charger – the greater Asian rhinoceros! This giant of the wetlands looks like a charging tank with its extremely thick grey skin and intimidating horn. Unfortunately, its sought-after horn makes it a target for poaching. As a result, there are reportedly fewer than 2,000 greater Asian rhinoceros left in the wild today.

This region precedes the Burmese Hillside where you’ll be able to spot the world’s largest wild cattle that can jump up to 6 feet high!

Burmese Hillside

The Burmese Hillside is the last zone along the Night Safari’s guided tram tour. This route takes you into the moist tropical and dry subtropical deciduous forests of the region.

Night Safari

Here, bantengs and gaurs graze calmly in their naturalistic hillside habitat. The gaurs are amongst the largest of the wild cattle, with dominant bulls possessing massive humps on their back. Weighing as much as a tonne, they have been known to clear a six-foot fence with a standing jump! Bantengs, on the other hand, are the petite counterpart of the wild cattle species, with a smaller head and more slender neck. Banteng bulls tend to have a more extraordinary look, with a horn-like patch on their foreheads that connects the two horns, creating the look of a Viking headdress.

The Burmese countryside is also where you can catch sight of the thamins or the golden deer. These gentle creatures are possibly the most striking of all deer with their impressive antlers that grow backwards in a graceful long arc.

Tram Safari Experience

The newest resident here is Malaysia’s national animal, the Malayan tiger. Within closer view of visitors than ever, this magnificent creature can often be spotted prowling or lounging around its spacious new home.

Sadly, these highly endangered animals are frequently poached and sought after for their unfounded medicinal benefits. As estimated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), fewer than 500 of these big cats are left in the wild today.

Thumbuakar Performance & Creatures of the Night Show

Thumbuakar Performance

There’s no better way to kick off your adventure than with this Night Safari fire show. the troop of crowd-pleasing pyro warriors will heat up your night with their energy, rhythm and amazing fire-eating skills.

Let them get you into the groove with their lively display of cultural dance moves as they work their way up to a stunning succession of flame-throwing demonstrations and breathtaking stunts.

To get yourself into the heat of the action, volunteer yourself to be part of the experience on stage with the Thumbuakar warriors.

Enjoy this spectacular fire show with dinner at Bongo Burgers or over a tall glass of your favourite drink at the Chang Chawang Bar.

 Thumbuakar Performance & Creatures of the Night Show

Creatures of the Night Show

No visit to Night Safari is complete without taking in the intelligent Creatures of the Night Show.

This 20-minute animal extravaganza brings together a constellation of the nocturnal superstars who will thrill you with their natural and unique behaviours and skills.

Thumbuakar Performance & Creatures of the Night Show

Set on a spectacular stage that brings you right into the heart of the rainforest, this highly interactive show has thrilled thousands with the natural talents of the otter, binturong, civet and more. Be amazed by the powerful jaws of a spotted hyena.

Cheer on the African serval as it shows you its ability to leap for prey. See if you can catch a whiff of the popcorn-smelling binturong as it braves a high wire crossing over the heads of the audiences.

Thumbuakar Performance & Creatures of the Night Show

As Creatures of the Night Show is a very popular attraction, it’s a good idea to make your way to the venue at least 30 minutes before showtime to avoid disappointment.

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