Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen


Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen, meaning; “Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden”, is a large Garden park located in East side of Shinjuku.
It has not only Japanese style garden, but it also has British style and French style gardens.
The British style garden especially, has huge open field.
There is also the curiously named “Haha to Ko no Mori”. What’s that, you ask? That’s right, “Haha to Ko no Mori”, means Mother and Child Forest! Don’t forget to check it out!
If you’re feeling tight in Tokyo’s air, cramped tightly with skyscrapers – visit this garden to relax. This garden is originally built around the beginning of Edo Period. In 1906, it became a part of Imperial Garden, and opened public in 1949.
It has very unique scenery which has great view of gardens with Shinjuku Skyscraper as the background. It has great collection of flowers for all seasons. Especially in the spring, you can enjoy great Sakura in this garden.
Shinjuku Gyoen was constructed on the site of a private mansion belonging to Lord Naito, a “daimyo; feudal lord, of the Edo era. Completed in 1906 as an imperial garden, it was re-designated as a national garden after the Second World War and opened to the public.
With 58.3 ha, estimating roughly at 144 acres in size and a circumference of 3.5 km, it blends three distinct styles, French Formal Garden, English Landscape Garden and Japanese Traditional Garden, and is considered to be one of the most important gardens from the Meiji era.
Among the 20,000 trees which grow in Shinjuku Gyoen, there are the first examples planted in Japan such plants as tulip trees, planes, Himalayan cedars and bald cypresses, whose distinctive crown shapes give the garden a solemn and dignified atmosphere.
In late March and early April, cherry blossom season, the central lawn areas are particularly stunning. Consider bringing a picnic lunch.

You can buy a variety of take-away items at the gourmet food hall in the basement level of Takashimaya department store, just south of the Shinjuku Station. This is to the east of the JR line tracks, and about 500 meters west of the garden’s Shinjuku gate entrance.
The 1,500 cherry blossom trees are a famous sight in spring, and the summer greens, autumn chrysanthemums and autumnal leaves, and winter greenhouse and landscape provide beautiful fresh air and calm, for all seasons.
Visitors here will be sure to stay, feeling like an oasis in which the buzzing noise of Tokyo seems like a million miles away.
Another interesting place in Shinjuku Gyoen, worth noting – is the greenhouse.
It was built in the 1950s, now displaying over 1,700 tropical and subtropical plants.
This is a very beautiful greenhouse with many tropical and subtropical flowers.
Especially during winter, when the warmth of the greenhouse offers comfort and respite from the cold winter breezes that Japan is famous for.
The greenhouse in Shinjuku Gyoen bears an uncanny resemblance to, and reminds me of the “Gardens by the Bay” – a major attraction we visited, previously in Singapore.
However, when compared to the massive “Gardens by the Bay” in Singapore, the greenhouse is noticeably smaller and kinda feels like a miniature version of it.
Links to the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore – above! =)
Shinjuku Gyoen is also particularly beautiful to visit during autumn, when the leaves start to change.
It is during autumn in Shinjuku Gyoen, when trees and their leaves change their colors from mid November to mid December.
There are a lot of different types of trees that change colors around the park.
However, the maple trees are particularly beautiful and can be seen in large numbers around the Japanese garden and Momijiyama (maple mountain) on the park’s eastern side.
Especially the maple trees around maple mountain, are absolutely breathtaking and very worth visiting.
Of course, to understand more abut Japanese Autumns, check the Links out. =)
A statement usually heard; “If Yoyogi Park is the most entertaining green space in Tokyo, the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, is probably the most beautiful”.
Shinjuku Gyoen has three gates:
Shinjuku Gate is a 10 minute walk east from the “New South Exit” of JR Shinjuku Station or a 5 minute walk from Shinjukugyoenmae Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line.
Okido Gate is also a 5 minute walk from Shinjukugyoenmae Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line.
Finally, Sendagaya Gate is a 5 minute walk from JR Sendagaya Station on the local Chuo/Sobu Line.
Hours: 9:00am to 16:30pm
Closed: Mondays & during December 29 to January 3.
There are no closing days during the cherry blossom season (March to April) and the Chrysanthemum Exhibition (November).
Admission: 200 yen
After our stroll in the park, we made our way to the nearby Marui, 0101 to enjoy some crepes!
It was a great way to end a beautiful day!
Japanese Crepes
Japanese / French-style crepes are the “it” food in Harajuku. Kids young and old all lined up for Harajuku’s culinary claim to fame, their sweet and savory filled crepes.
Heavily borrowed from the French and then modified beyond recognition, these were addictive, soft and warm on the outside and filled with ice cream, fresh fruit, whipped cream and other toppings.
Savory ones were available as well, ranging from ham, cheese and fresh cucumbers.
An easy tip to note when placing an order, these crepes are usually divided by categories; Sweet / Salty
Another post with crepes inside, Links below! =)

Shinjuku Marui 0101
Shinjuku Marui 01 is the launch pad for Tokyo’s cool fashion culture. A super-individualistic fashion building, unique to the world, Shinjuku Marui 01 carries a wide selection of brands with original designs and covers all subcultures such as Gothic, Lolita and Punk, Decora, as well as modern kimono and many more!
The 8 floors of this building is categorized individually, by the style or subculture they each represent.
To give you an idea, check out the floor layout, below!
Themes & Floors
1F Wild & Loud Tokyo fashion
2F Street magazines, Street-Wear and Collaborations
3F Casual and Sweet Romantic fashion
4F Modern Kimono, Traditional, Dolls and Princess fashion
5F Unique and Subtle Fantasy fashion
6F Japanese Punk Rock fashion
7F Girly, Dreamy, Lolita & a Salon
8F Visual-kei influenced, Metal Rock concert fashion
Hours: 11:00am to 21:00pm
Closed: No closing days.
For more on Marui 0101, check out the Links below! =)
There are restaurants around too, and that where we had our dinner!
Sushi & Sashimi, yummy!
Sushi v.s. Sashimi
Contrary to popular opinion, sushi does not mean raw fish.
In some countries, the terms Sashimi and Sushi are used interchangeably.
But Sashimi is sliced raw meat, usually fish though sometimes beef and Sushi is a vinegared rice preparation that can have a variety of toppings.
To put it simply, Sushi is a combination of rice and Sashimi and it does not necessarily have to be raw fish.
Links to Sushi & Sashimi, below! =)
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