Recycle bin
Today, I was freeing space up & sorting out stuffs on my computer.
Opened the recycle bin and…guess what i found??
Yup! These pictures.
No idea why they’re here, or how they got here.
I’m sure i didn’t delete them.
Or rather, i don’t remember deleting them.
So I thought: “Oh well, why not post them up here?”
Damn, am I suffering from memory loss..?
Here I am getting my a** frozen in the snow.
Love the 1950’s era American themed diner!
 From now on, I think imma label whatever “trash” i find in my recycle bin as ‘Recycled’ for future posts.
 It’s Snowing!  
  hIDE’s official merchandise shop.
LEMONeD – is pronounced as Lemonade and is the official branding for our dearly departed hIDE of X-Japan.
May he R.I.P
You will never be forgotten…
More shoes than what you’ll be able to wear in your Decora lifetime – in Marui.
デコラ (Dekora) is a Japanese word shortened from the English word “Decoration”. That’s what Decora is. Decoration. Wearing many accessories and sometimes, even toys.
You’ll be able to hear a Decora-chan coming a mile away – with all their necklaces and accessories banging against each other.
Aqua City Odaiba is a large scale shopping complex located right next to Odaiba Kaihin Koen.
This ideal location that Aqua City is located in provides a spectacular view of the Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge, and the Tokyo skyline in the distance.
Aqua City also offers a Shopping Zone consisting of approximately 80 stores, most of which being casual fashion stores based on the theme of “Tokyo Reso-to (Tokyo Resort Island)” where you can almost feel the refreshing sea breeze.
There is also a Gourmet Zone, the largest in the Rinkai area, which offers a wide variety of restaurants including Japanese, Western, Chinese, and Italian restaurants.
Visitors can also enjoy movies in an ideal environment of a large scale multiplex cinema complex that boasts the newest audio and visual systems.
Also located close by is Tokyo Decks, which i blogged about previously.
Decks is a shopping mall featuring various stores, restaurants and multiple indoor theme parks.


Among the theme parks are Tokyo Joypolis, a Legoland Discovery Center and a Trick Art Museum.

Joypolis Tokyo is my favorite indoor themepark in Japan.

There is also a Takoyaki Museum where you can try various different and even unique flavors of Takoyaki.
Click HERE to see more octopus balls.
Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan. It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion.
The balls are then brushed with takoyaki sauce, and mayonnaise. 
The takoyaki is then sprinkled with seaweed and shavings of dried bonito. There are many variations to the takoyaki recipe.
And also not too far away from Tokyo Decks is Palette Town.
I covered it in an earlier post too. Check it out, here!
Palette Town consists of: Venus Fort, Toyota Mega Web, Leisure Land & the huge Ferris Wheel.
Venus Fort is a shopping mall styled after an 18th century South European town. The mall features over a hundred shops, fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants on three floors.

And also built in artificial clouds and skies.

Artificial skies and clouds.
Yup you heard that right!
You can take a look HERE if it interests you, I did a short writeup about it too!
Mega Web is a Toyota’s gigantic showroom that shows off all of Toyota’s latest models, car accessories and technologies. Test driving of cars and a museum exhibiting cars from past decades is kinda cool too!
Really fun lookin’ outdoor water playground!
Great for kids!

Yodobashi! Your one stop for all electronic goods!

The Yurikamome line in Tokyo is it’s first fully automated transit system, controlled entirely by computers with no drivers on board.
This the mascot of Aqua City.
Love the Boardwalk!~
The sky looks beautiful!
I Ice-cream!
Rainbow Bridge – Beautiful as always!
Venus Fort
More from Joypolis



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