Randomly Tokyo

Another Random post from Tokyo!
Recently found more Random pictures and thought of posting them?
Why not, right?  =D
My apartment’s elevator was undergoing maintenance again, damn!!
We had to take the stairs instead before heading out and thinking positively, we got a free ‘workout’ – killing two birds with one stone.
Hard at work – Dosed off – Back to work!
Alright, let’s get on with it!!
These pictures were taken in a very small, private garden in Harajuku.
Are you able to guess where exactly this place is ?
Kaiseki Ryori for Breakfast!
Click the link to find out more on what Kaiseki Ryori is!

Kaiseki Ryori

Breakfast time!!
Met up with a few friends before we decided to head for the Game Center!
Yes, I’m able to pilot a Mobile Suit Gundam!!~
Unfortunately along the way, I was careless and spilled some coffee all over me.
Thank God I live quite nearby here and bolted straight for home to get a change of attire before rushing out to meet my buddies again!
I went for quick (secret) lunch before rushing off to meet them as i was STARVING!
(Shhhhh..that’s our little secret, dear readers!)
“Hello again”! 
We decided to leave the Game Center and tried our luck at a Pachinko Parlour.
Guess it was our lucky day!!!
Since we were still around Harajuku, we took a walk around Takeshita Dori – looking for some food to eat!
Crepe anyone?
Time flies when you’re enjoying yourselves and suddenly we found someplace ideal and it was time for dinner already!
The serving was enormous – fit for a sumo wrestler & that’s exactly what is it.

ちゃんこ鍋 – Chanko nabe.
Make a guess! Do you think we managed to finish it?
And…Back home!
Buzzzzzz….As busy as a bee!
Meet Loki!!

“I’m sleepy!”
After finally managing to drag my ass outta bed!!

Alright now, another day out!
– Not sure when though. 🙂

I have really bad memory!

Pachinko time!!

After which, we headed to the Video Game Center…again!

Challenge me if you dare! =P

I’m getting pretty good at this!!
my Hats!

This is By H.Naoto~
A very well known designer brand for the Visual kei style.
More Self-Shots!!
Shibuya 109!
Gyaru Paradise!
Dinner in Shibuya!
I’m gaining so much weight.
My lovely “Pets” greeted me with a roar upon reaching home!

Chrome Hearts – I used to love this cap, however Chrome Hearts is getting too mainstream nowadays.
As you dear readers probably know my know by now – I’m a silver accessory FREAK!
 my Jewelry!
To know more about my love for silver Jewelry, check out the link to my previous post(s) here.



An outfit is never complete without accessories which add finishing touches and complete the look.
A very busy day for me, take-out Takoyaki before i rush off! 
Another day, another story.
Went in search of more figurines!
(I do admit though, deep inside, I have a little otaku living inside me.)
I was looking for a replacement guitar too!
Plus, there were Garo, Final fantasy figurines and many more!!~
Including hIDE’s (mini) Guitar Collection!!
That’s just a finger, does it look like anything else?
I’ve no clue, can anyone care to advise me??  
Arriving at our destination, this is where we were going to have our dinner.
(Not exactly here, but inside this building, of course)

Inside the restaurant.
Tako Carpaccio 
 Ice cream with freshly cut Pineapples, Apples, Plums & Watermelon slices – topped with Cinnamon & Raspberry sauce!
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Tokyo Tocho
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku is often visited by tourists for its free observation decks which provide good panoramic views of Tokyo and beyond. The 243 meter tall building has two towers, and each houses an observatory at a height of 202 meters. It had been the tallest building in Tokyo until it was overtaken by the Midtown Tower situated in Roppongi, in 2007.
Check out a post i did previously on Midtown Tower in Roppongi, which i did quite some time back.

Link below. 
With favorable weather conditions, famous landmarks such as Mount Fuji, the Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine and the Tokyo Dome can be seen from the various different observatories. 
Each observatory has a cafe and a souvenir shops with restaurants inside the buildings, situated in the lower levels.
The North Observatory remains open later at night, making it a popular spot to catch night views of the city.
The towers and the surrounding buildings contain the offices and the assembly hall of the metropolitan government of Tokyo. Visitors are therefore subjected to bag checks prior to boarding the elevators as part of the security measures.
On the second story of the building, there is a tourist information center with lots of information about Tokyo, but also about various other tourist destinations across Japan. 

Periodically, the center holds fairs during which local products from selected regions are being introduced and put on sale.
More links below to previous posts that mentioned Tocho & also, Meiji Jingu Shrine…
Feel free to click!! =)
Alright, we’re finally at the end of this super long post!!
Let me know if you like what you see and I’ll do more similar posts in the future!
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Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun those days!
    I also love game centers, but i kinda suck.. haha

  2. Cool photos ; D

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