Random nights in Osaka ☾

Suffering from a bad case of writer’s block…
<— Selfie or Selca? —>
Haha!! We were heading out to look for a new PC Monitor.
Decided it’s time for an upgrade!

But first, FOOD!

We Curry Rice!
Passed by the Keyboard section – Itchy fingers!
Omg, that’s horrible!
Hmmm..Choices choices…
So many options, just one choice.
Nah…not this one.
This one here – is on the very top of my list!
Now, it’s her turn!
Shopping time!
Shoes anyone?
Yes, please!


You girls will love these!!
And these too!!
Anything else??
Haha! I guess you already know the answer!
Our last second last stop of the day.
I can’t believe I actually found this shop rather cute!
I don’t think I need new shoes at the moment…do I?
Making our way to our final stop of the day.
Almost there.
This cool shop is owned by a friend of mine.
Check out the awesome pistol lighters!
He always brings in cool and new stuff & I decided to pop by and say hi!
Alright, dinner time!!
What shall we eat…?
Yucks!! Please forgive me, I know it looks horrible & literally like shit!
(I was playing with the fun effects on my camera)
This is how our dinner actually looked like – it was delicious and tasted NOTHING like shit!
Another fun effect on my camera.
Time for dessert!
All Done!
Decided to entertain ourselves before catching the last train!
And this is what we ended up doing!
~Robots in Disguise~

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.
Final Fantasy
One Piece
Yes, I am actually a Geek/Nerd/Otaku at heart!
Yodobashi Camera

(◔ ⌣ ◔)

And I’ve yet to make the decision – which monitor to upgrade to..?
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ – Anime
Once again, I was testing out and playing around with my camera’s settings!

~The End~

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11 thoughts on “Random nights in Osaka ☾

  1. How do you always look so cool?! o___o
    Gah, it’s past midnight but your post has given me a craving for curry rice. Great pictures as usual! You always visit so many interesting places

    • Good morning Jo-ann!!
      Likewise, you flatter me! =P
      My apologies for giving you a midnight craving.. =X
      Are you able to get your “Fix” for Curry Rice at this hour?

      And as always, thanks for your kind compliments.
      I really appreciate it and am glad you found it interesting! =D


  2. Ohhhh Japanese curry…. ;;

    Otaku has such a different meaning to Japanese people than for non-Japanese. It’s very negative here ><

    And LOL 100yen off for foreigners! I would like that discount XDD

    • Hey Ande!!
      The 100Yen off is a nice surprise for foreigners, i agree. =)
      What does Otaku mean, in your country? I’m really curious here!
      Hahaha!! Please, do tell me!


    • Well here in America, otaku is used as derogatory term for someone who likes Japan but doesn’t really know what they’re talking about. Like those people who think they know how to speak Japanese because they know a few Japanese words and watch One Piece. When I was younger it was also used meanly to describe those with Japanese boyfriends or girlfriends. I will admit though, that some of those people are crazy obsessed with everything Japanese… but I consider that an unhealthy obsession, not being an otaku XDD

      I guess it’s kind of hard to explain because in America it is culturally not accepted to be in love with someone else’s culture. I know it always hurt my feelings when people called me an otaku in middle school just because I liked something different.

      But now I know it is more of a term for a nerd? XDD sorry for the long explanation, I hope it made sense!

    • Hahahaha!! I understand!
      Now that’s certainly a different way to see it..

      Really interesting! haha! 🙂

      Thanks for the explanation Ande!!~


  3. *Q* Kareraisu~~~
    I miss this awesome taste!! But I just need to wait a bit more to have it in my hands again *O*

    About the PC Monitor… The second one, this mean your top 1, looks really cool but I don’t know pixels, size so… xDDD But I love how the image it looks, it seems to have a great picture quality (I always look for a TV with good quality for my editions xD)

    What to say about girls time shopping. Shoes is a primordial stop, never are enough shoes for a woman!
    Tell to your girl that she have to bring me to many shoe stores some time hahahaha (Ok, you can hit me now xD)

    Take care and hugs for everyone ;D

    • Yep, curry rice it is, Yuki!
      As for the monitor, it certainly has very good specs.
      It does project 3D as well. I might do a future post on it, too!

      Hahaha, yup. i guess that shoes are really, never enough! 🙂


  4. Ha ha everytime I read your blog, I’m very hungry after all the nice photos of delicious food. XD

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