Random #3

Back by popular demand, here’s another “Random” post for all you guys & girls to enjoy!
Similar to the “Random” series is the “Days of my Camera’s Life” which you might find interesting too!
Here’re the links to the series:
Days of my Camera’s Life
Day 1
This is Takeshita Dori – Harajuku, as you all know it!
Meiji Jingu Shrine – Located just by the entrance of Harajuku Station!
If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that I’ve to walk through the park around Meiji Jingu Shrine, to get to work (almost) everyday.
After work… I’m back home & I’m starving!
Turned on the telly and here you go – Japan’s most beautiful man.
In case you don’t know who this man is, you must have been living under a rock for the past 2 decades.
That man, is Gackt & he’s a very talented musician, actor; among many more other things!
Talk about multi-talented. Anyway, he is on a variety program on TV now.
I had to boil water in this god-damned kettle because my flask decided to give up on me!
This definitely helps me get some sleep, come nightfall!
AHHHH..!!! WTF!! I want no nightmares – “Turns off the TV!”
Day 2
This one here’s a little backdated…
I was meeting a group of friends – Time to go get the car!
One of my friends wanted to go to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa to make some prayers.
On the way to Sensoji Temple, we took a stroll along Sumidagawa…
 At that time, the Tokyo Sky Tree was not complete yet.
 I did do a write-up on visiting the presently complete Sky Tree and if you’re interested…
…Click the LINKS here!
 As you can see, the Tokyo Sky Tree was not complete – the antenna was “missing”!
Along the way to Asakusa, many shops selling traditional items are aplenty.
These shops are on a street known as: “Nakamise-dori”. The “goodies” that these shops sell make perfect souviners!
Onward we march through the gates of Sensoji Temple!
It was mad crowded, I don’t exactly remember when was this but from the looks of it…
…I’m pretty sure it was around the new year’s holidays!
I’ve did many entries on everything you need to know about Asakusa and it’s surroundings, including the temple. You may take a look at it here, just click the LINKS here!
We were leaving Sensoji Temple when something caught my eye…
 Do you know what this is??
The sun started to set, then this Malay woman calmly took out her carpet, placed it on the ground…faced the sun and went on her knees. Then, this Muslim woman started doing her daily evening prayers – presumably at 5 or 6 pm, JAPANESE time! Allah must be still asleep and won’t here her, my friend joked.
I’m not being racist in any way here, but even if she should choose to do it – she shouldn’t do it in OUR JAPANESE TEMPLE GROUNDS!
I will shoot you for that…!
That is blasphemy to us Japanese.
I might be sounding a little harsh here, but those “prayer” rooms are built for a reason and even if you should choose a place to “do it”, it shouldn’t be in OUR religious grounds.
How would you like it if our Shinto priest went inside your Mosque and started chanting??!
Btw, I knew she was Malay and not Arab from the outfit she was wearing.
Arabs wear an all black attire.
Anyway, we were not the only surprised ones!
Many Japanese and even tourists started giggling, whipped out their cameras and probably made her famous by now, on the World Wide Web!
Just Kidding…!!
Day 3
I woke up today, went outside to the balcony for some fresh air. High school kids in the school’s baseball field direct beside my apartment.
So carefree, so free…I love baseball. Baseball makes you sweat. They must be really sweaty & sticky my now!
Sweaty cloths! And then it hit me!!! I had to make a trip to the local dry-cleaner today!
I woke up late & had to rush. It was already evening!!
Thank goodness stocking up at the supermarket a few days before proved worthwhile!
Phew! Made it just in time!
(That’s my neighbourhood, by the way)
Now that’s done, heading home to wash up.
Savoring my “emergency”dinner before leaving home!
Heading out for the night now! 🙂
Went to a bar this time, there was an invite from a friend who recently started working there!
Well, isn’t she cute!!? OOPS!! =X
Day 4 
I’ve been very forgetful lately.. what was it i had to do today?
I only know remember it as being pretty important!!
Oh shit!! I have an appointment at the Tokyo Government Offices today!! Off I go, and thru the park we pass!
Phew! I managed to make it in time!
Time for a celebratory puff of nicotine….! Screw myself!
 Day 5
 We’re going to Odaiba today!!
What should I wear to Odaiba??
Again, I’ve many entries written previously on Odaiba.
To see them, just click these LINKS!
 Btw these are our “couple items”!
Here’s what we had for dinner in Odaiba! Time to lose some weight!! 🙂
 Day 6
 Not feeling too well today, other then paying the doctor a visit, I’m gonna be staying home today!
Oh hello doctor, you’re clinic looks really posh…
Got myself some ice-cream on the way back from my local conbini!
Do I look like I care? Guess not!! Haha!
Here’re some of my precious jewelry. Took some pics of them since I’m so bored at home!
My dear followers will know that I’ve a passion for Silver Jewelry!
 To view more jewelry related posts, as usual – the LINKS are here for you to click!
This is what I ate for dinner, by the way. Vegetable curry rice – from my local neighborhood conbini!
 And….yes!! These as you all know are my “Trademark” which I stick on my face so much!
Now you know!
Day 7
Back to work and I’m late!!!
Depending on how you see it, work can be fun too!
My specially prepared dinner waiting for me upon reaching home! 🙂
Day 8
I’m traveling again and I don’t care that my room’s still in a mess!
On the way to Narita Airport!
This time, I’ll be heading for Singapore again!!
I’ve been to Singapore quite a couple of times already.
You can view my travels there in the LINKS provided here!
 Stay tuned and look forward to my future posts!

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