Random #2

Well…I’m finally back in Tokyo and it’s a gloomy cold boring day.
Facing a particular cold winter this year, I guess I won’t be doing much for now.
Until winter is over, I’ll probably be staying home…
Suddenly thought of a quote from someone that suddenly passed through my mind…
“Life is like a piece of paper, floating here, floating there, floating around endlessly…”
Oh well..grey skies please go away!
Grey, grey, everything’s so grey…
Apartment’s still undergoing renovations, view of kids playing baseball in a park – through a net!
Starting to hate public holidays…
At least it feels a little more lively at night!


Getting my social life back in order…with a drink! 🙂

Gosh, this is a real moody blogpost!
Went to Don Quixote; A.K.A. Donki, to stock up on groceries and the like – in the middle of the night.
Don Quixote BTW, is Japan’s most well loved convenience store.
I go to Don Quixote very frequently, as I pass it very frequently everyday, on my way back home
From groceries, electronics, clothes, costumes…to branded goods such as Prada/Coach, Makeup & even Chrome Hearts…also toys (for both kids and adults) are available.
Leather belts, Punk Accessories and expensive, rare collectors lighters can be found here too!
Washing Machines and Golf Sets too!?
Yeah, this is Japan!
Basically everything & anything you can think of, can be found here.
There is at least one Don Quixote in almost every major Japanese city in Japan.

Oh! And did I forget to mention that it’s open at your convenience…24 hours a day??!

Best, and that’s why everyone loves it!!!

The back alleys of Japan’s biggest red-light district; Kabuki-cho
A drink with the boss-man!!
Godiva Gems!

Godiva chocolates…from Don Quixote too, of course!

Late for work!

Although I said I probably wouldn’t be going out and would spend the days bumming at home, I guess I couldn’t do that for long, can I? =(

Back home, and this is how I eat my dinner! =X
Empty streets of Shinjuku in the early morning

After a trip to the convenience store, my rack is now full. Hahaha!!~

Here are my accessories and they are NOT from “Donki” A.K.A. Don Quixote!
Bang bang*!
Almost done, heading out after a puff! 🙂

Yup, I guess you know I LOVE my accessories by now! =)
Here are links to some of my accessories, take a look if you would, would you?

I have tiger feet! ROAR!!

The Pink Tiger is having his late dinner after a long day at work!
Another day, and I’m not late this time! 🙂
A stroll in Meiji Jingu Park, in Harajuku
Meiji Jingu Shrine
Taking a walk through this park always clears and refreshes my mind!
Preparing for the night out! Yes, I’m that vain!
Another day at the Tocho!
Through the blue tinted glass on the highways of Tokyo
The park behind Tocho is home to many statues and sculptures
At the end of the pathway is a bridge that links you to Shinjuku Gyoen
Another of the sculptures at the Tocho.
I was complaining about everything being grey and now, everything’s green!

I had to attend a festival held at Asakusa Sensoji, a very important temple, in the old districts of Tokyo.
I feel so lively here, everybody’s so happy and excited, I almost forgot about things being Grey.

One of the gateways of Sensoji Temple with a Pagoda in the background
One of the many huge lanterns at the gateways to Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple

At the top floor of the Tocho is a free observatory gallery, here, you can see pretty views of Tokyo’s skyline!

Here’s the view I was talking about and on a clear day, you’ll be able to spot Tokyo Tower in the distance.

And now, I’m having a bad hangover!
Ouch! =(

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6 thoughts on “Random #2

  1. Ah, Donki…. I miss that place. I wish there were a Donki everywhere in the world! ^__^

  2. Donki sounds like a cool convenience store! I will think of it, when I will be in Japan someday lol

  3. Grey skies also make me very moody and upset. 🙁 That’s why I don’t like winter.
    Ah, and I think it’s cute how you video chat with your girlfriend. 😀

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