New Year’s in Sydney!

Throughout the year Sydney Harbour forms the backdrop to a number of special events staged on or around this vast blue waterway. New Year’s Eve Fireworks is the the most famous of ’em all.
By night, Sydney transforms into a colorful brightly neon-lit city.
We made our way to Sydney to witness this amazing spectacle!
Makin’ our way to the Harbourside to catch the Fireworks!
Sydney New Year’s Eve is an annual multi-tiered event held every New Year’s Eve over Sydney Harbour, centering on the Harbour Bridge. Its main features are two pyrotechnic displays, the 9pm Family Fireworks and the Midnight Fireworks, both of which are televised nationally around the world. 
Each year the event takes on a new theme and is viewed by more than one billion people worldwide.
We’re almost there! Check out that crowd!!
Just in time; 9PM!
Sydney comes alive in summer. Major events, including Sydney New Year’s Eve, really bring the city to life. The spectacular midnight fireworks display, featuring the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, is the perfect way to see in the New Year.

How it all started:
The first incarnation of the Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks was the Harbour of Light: Marine Lantern Parade, staged on New Year’s Eve in 1999 as part of Sydney’s millennium celebrations. The parade involved 20 ‘sea creature’ themed Chinese lanterns on barges, parading on Sydney Harbour. 
A flotilla of illuminated vessels continued to be part of Sydney New Year’s Eve celebrations and, under the direction of the City of Sydney, became known as the Harbour of Light. 
The 2012-2013 Harbour of Light Parade included up to 60 vessels comprising tall ships, the Sydney Heritage Fleet, Tribal Warrior Association boats and commercial charters. The vessels navigated a course that stretches from Cockatoo Island in the west to Clark Island in the east, producing an enchanting and colorful display of rope lights.
After the 9PM Fireworks ended, we went in search of a quick dinner..
Quick dinner…
Before finally landing ourselves in a club!!~
Partied till it was almost midnight..
We left to catch the 12AM Fireworks!!

Managed to catch Kylie Minogue performing on stage too!

A Message from Kylie Minogue
The theme for Sydney New Year’s Eve 2012 was unveiled on 15 August as “Embrace”. Creative Ambassador Kylie Minogue announced in a video message that “Embrace is all about acceptance, tolerance, fun and, above all, love”. She later continued and called for revelers to “embrace during the fireworks”. The NYE logo featured a swirl of coloured sails in magenta, yellow, purple and red, and marked with Kylie’s signature K. Embrace also featured four sub-themes: Embrace Love, Embrace Sydney, Embrace the Possibility, and Embrace the Moment. 
Imagination Australia and The City of Sydney developed a smartphone app which allowed users to send messages to the pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Smartphone users were being encouraged to hold up their phones to the sky to display what could be a sea of magenta or a sea of blue. Fireworks director Fortunato Foti told reporters the pyrotechnic display might not be bigger than previous years, but did promise surprises. The show will include new effects such as bees, koalas and octopus shells. 
The Sydney Harbour Bridge, seven city buildings and seven barges were used in the show. For the very first time, jetskis were introduced along with a pontoon barge in front of the bridge, making the display much more different and subtler than previous years. The Sydney Harbour Bridge holds its fifth year again as a seventh barge. A lip and a butterfly magically appeared during the midnight fireworks display.
The midnight Fireworks display was even more extravagant if not, better than the already amazing one held earlier at 9PM!
Fast Facts:
  • The Fireworks produced by Sydney for the New Year’s Eve events, weigh up to 7 Tonnes!
  • Made up with 11,000 Shells!
  • 11,000 Shells together with 100,000 individual Pyrotechnic effects! 
  • 11,000 Shells, 100,000 Pyrotechnic effects…AND 25,000 Shooting Comets!
  • The Fireworks are launched from all around Sydney starting from Harbour Barges & The Sydney Harbour Bridge… PLUS: 7 City Skyscrapers!
  • Adding to the show, the Harbour of Light Parade featured 52 illuminated boats..with more then 3000 boats navigating the Harbour!
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge weighs: 60 Tonnes including 16KM of Rope Light, 4 KM of Electrical Cables & 10,000 Cable Ties!
  • They’re not the only numbers! Sydney’s New Year’s extravaganza contributes $156 MILLION to the Local Economy!!!!
  • Sydney’s New Year’s Eve draws huge crowds and more than a Billion people tune in just to watch the Fireworks on TV/online!
  • Best of all, the celebration’s environmentally friendly! They are carbon netural thanks to: Greenpower, Recycled water, Biodegradable Firecracker Cases & Carbon credits!
  • The City of Sydney also Recycles 80% of Rubbish collected!
All of which adds up to one very Happy New Year!!
People around were exhausted yet overjoyed.
Tired yet high and bursting with joy, the crowd stayed up till the early hours of the morning.
This was an incredible night indeed!!~
Let me firebomb you with more pictures of that night!
~Enjoy the Napalm!!~
“Camera, is this the best you can do?!”

The nighttime scene in Sydney truly is, Beautiful…
~Boom boom, Bang Bang!~
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P.s: That’s when my camera died..

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    • Hey buddy! That was all my camera could take! 🙁
      Yeah, we did go shopping although that was not on the top of our ‘to-do list’.
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  4. I think this would be a great experience! hope to go there somewhere in the future!

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