MTG 30th Anniversary

G-Shock is pleased to present an official look at its most advanced range of MT-G models to date.

Inspired by the adventurous man that grew up wearing G-Shock watches but has since grown up and taken on a more refined, professional look, the new range of MT-G watches – MT-G standing for Metal Twisted G-Shock – includes three chronograph models that shine with sophistication.

Constructed of high quality stainless steel at Casio’s Yamagata facility in Japan, the premium timepieces, put through rigorous testing to ensure they measure up to the same high quality standards that consumers have come to expect from G-Shock, utilize the brand’s advanced Core Guard Structure of stainless steel, resin and Alpha Gel to safeguard the mechanics under extreme conditions. Along with LED-infused Tough Movement for reliable timekeeping, the MT-G watches are rigged with Multi-Band 6 for automatic time calibration anywhere in the world and, of course, are Triple G Resist.
With only 1000 pieces in the world, this G-Shock costs more than my Tag Heuer…but I’m lovin’ it!
Additionally, the elite timepieces have a dual-layer face with four sub-dials, easily activated via a Smart Access electronic crown. The Smart Access technology allows intuitive operational access to all key functions by simply unlocking the quick-lock crown and turning it in the desired direction. Sapphire glass with an anti-glare coating adds scratch protection and visual clarity, while a solid stainless steel link band is layered on the underside with resin panels for a comfortable fit.
Due to the material structure, it goes without saying that the MT-G watches are much more heavier than a standard resin-based G-Shock. To be exact, these new MT-Gs tip the scale at 6.6 ounces, which is more than double the 2.8 ounces of a standard G-Shock. That’s a significant weight difference, but one that’s well worth it if you ask me.

Two versions of the MT-G hit the market late last year and one version early this year. First, we saw the MTGS1000D-1A, in a polished stainless steel, rolled out in November. The following month in December, G-Shock unleashed the MTGS1000BD-1A, featuring an all-black ion-plated stainless steel construction. 

The cream of the crop, a limited-edition 30th anniversary model, the MTGS1030BD-1A with black ion-plated and gold details, has just become available for public consumption, in January, in Japan.

With this first post of the year, let me take the chance to wish you all a blessed and Happy New Year 2013!

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