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Stressed out!!
I owed a very special friend a present/ reward and that date’s fast approaching!!
Apparently, she did very well in her exams and I promised her a surprise if she managed to succeed!
And she did!!
Here’s a hint!
It’s still in “Prototype” – like the tip of the iceberg…
So…What else should i get her…
Personally, I feel that making something from scratch is way better then purchasing an item. 
(no matter how much it costs, it’s the thought that counts.)
Tokyu Hands – Creativity in your hand!
Doing is yourself – It shows sincerity & the recipient will definitely appreciate the effort taken.
So here I am, Tokyo Hands!
Your one-stop shop for anything that’s – D.I.Y!
Punk brushes…NAH!!!!
Hahaha!! How about this instead?
Transgender outfit!
(I’ll probably get killed after she opens it!)
Animals “at work”
Now…this is very suggestive and would make a great addition to her display…NOT!
P.S. – I arranged the animals above, what do you think of my creative skills??? 
Alright!! I’ve finally managed to think of the perfect gift!
Not just anything random, but something of significance too.
After preparations were all done, it was time to head out!
After meeting up, we went to a shrine in Shibuya to pray for well wishes and give thanks.
After which we hung out around Shibuya, people watching and basically just chilling around.
Chatting and catching up on lost times, too.
With our schedules being so tight, we rarely have a chance to hang out frequently anymore…
Anyhow, time flies especially when you’re enjoying yourselves and before we knew it, the sky was getting dark already!!
And that can only mean one thing.
El Torito – Best Mexican food in Tokyo!


We had our dinner at El Torito.
El Torito is a truly wonderful Mexican Restaurant in Tokyo.
The ambiance inside the restaurant has a very nice feel to it but more importantly:
Their dinner menu is absolutely mouth watering.

And now, unto the FOOD!!!
Oh my God!!
Would you take a look at that!
That’s the best salad we’ve ever tasted in our entire life.
The starters, very good food and thoughtfulness / skill of the chef!
The flavors blend and compliment one another very nicely.
Btw, did I forget to mention that the chef here in this restaurant, is Mexican?
The one we’ve been finally waiting for!!
The Main Course!!
Taking a little long to arrive, we had no complaints as it was well worth the wait!!
Can you believe it?!
We managed to finish all that food!!
That’s how good it was!
Go on, you deserved it! 🙂


“Finally, it’s time to open my present!!”
No prizes for guessing what’s inside! =D
Right after dinner we headed for a surprise gig, secretly arranged by my good friend & myself!
It was the wildest “congratulation song” ever heard!!
We drank alcohol as though it was water!
Rocked the night and soon after, everything else was a blank.
The last think i remembered were these flowers!!
Time flies!!
I don’t even remember taking these photos.
And…looking at the time on the TV screen in this photo, it showed 4.39AM!!!
What was that supposed to be…?
What happened?
LOL! – Memory loss!!
Ugghhhh… I’m a lousy drinker…
I’ve been here before..but why am I even here now??
Or rather, how did i get here?
What a mess…
My head hurts so bad!!!!
We both need a quick fix – The guitar and myself.
I still remember this was the first gift that she gave me – when we first met!
Anyway, I’ll end this post by saying: Congrats in doing so well in your examinations!
I’m really proud of you, keep up the good work and I’m sure your dreams will come true!!~
Hanshin departmental store in Osaka, Umeda

After which, I had to catch a train to Osaka.

Had some last minute personal matters to settle.

Umeda – train, bus, taxi and depot for whatever else…

Upon arriving in Osaka..

Hit the Slot machines before calling it a day! 
The best way to unwind!


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  1. Great photos ; D

  2. Wow!^^ This Hanshin departmental store looks so great! *_*

  3. I love Tokyu Hands, And you’re right.. handmade gifts are way better!

    I’ve seen that “NANA” stairs graffiti when I was in Tokyo, how nice to think it’s still there :3

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