Late Supper in Osaka! – Omurice

At Midnight, I had Omurice!
Mega departmental complex, Hanshin. Your one stop for everything under one roof!

I know…what kind of an opening is that?!

Well…I had Omurice at midnight!

I love the nighttime lighting / illuminations in Osaka, more so compared to Tokyo 

Omurice is an example of contemporary Japanese cuisine consisting of an omelette made with fried rice and usually topped with ketchup. It is a popular dish both commonly cooked at home and can be found at many western style diners in Japan.

Japanese Omelette Rice

Children, in particular, enjoy Omurice, and it is often featured on okosama-ranchi or kids’ meals. The dish typically consists of chicken rice: rice pan-fried with ketchup and chicken, wrapped in a thin sheet of fried egg. The ingredients that flavor the rice often vary.

Often, the rice is fried with various meats and/or vegetables, and can be flavored with beef stock, ketchup, demi-glace white/brown sauce or just salt and pepper.

The Creamy Corn Soup was a nice compliment.
Beautiful lighting illuminations – in Osaka!
Some random shots on how quiet Osaka can be, late at night.
When the train station is most empty period, as it was really late
Few people left – most who already realized they’ve missed their last train.

Other, were more fortunate to be living in areas whereby the train lines service a little later into the night.
Taxi overload during the “magical hour”!
…And taxis in abundance!

けんこつ ラーメン
A Ramen store in Osaka, Umeda

They have some really tasty Ramen here!
Please do pop by if you happen to be here, in Umeda.

This Neon lighted building holds: Sport centers, Video game arcades & tons of other entertainment including plenty of food and dining options.
Alice in Wonderland Magic World is here!
The STAR ATTRACTION here though, is the ALICE IN WONDERLAND MAGIC WORLD – Alice in Wonderland themed Restaurant.

It’s a wonderful experience, not to be missed!
Full of things straight out of the Lewis Carroll classic and the Disney animated version of the novel, and while dining, you can experience a world of wonder and fantasy.

Most people hate rain, me too! Although i kinda like the way neon lighting reflects the water surface, on the ground

The restaurant includes playing card dining tables, giant tea cup booths, a magic forest, and heart-shaped chandeliers.

All these while you are being served by a battalion of waitresses all dressed like Alice, there is plenty of other touches to keep the atmosphere from becoming totally creepy: bunny tails on the chairs, a big clock against one wall, and a Mad Hatter Tea Party room over which towers a giant lamp (you’ve shrunk, remember?) that contrasts with a tiny version at the entrance (back when you were huge).

 Some appetizers come served on a chessboard, and the pizzas are done up like playing-card soldiers. Try the Green Caterpillar tuna and avocado sushi roll, or the cute Mock Turtle Mimosa Salad.

The restaurant also offers meals for kids, such as: “Cheshire cat tail pizza”, and “Burgundy-style braised beef cheek in Queen of Hearts red wine sauce”.
But as I already had my Omurice earlier, I’ll probably give ALICE IN WONDERLAND’S MAGIC WORLD a miss.
Road renovation works were going on everywhere!
Rainy weather.
Osaka is empty now! This is Daimaru in Osaka Station City, BTW.
Finally, this shop here in Osaka food street opens till really late!
Their speciality; つけそば (tsuke-soba)
Loving the old world charm of old Osaka, warms my heart. Instantly.
Something a little different than the norm.
Usually, つけめん (tsukemen) is the norm, where you dip dry Ramen noodles into a broth.
Tsuke soba is basically almost the exact same thing, but you dip your dry Soba noodles into a slightly different broth.

For more info on this, please feel free to check out my previous post on Ramen & Tsukemen.

Ramen & Tsukemen



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