Jurong Bird Park – Waterfall Station

Waterfall Station

The second region of the Singapore Jurong Bird Park we’ll be looking at today, is the “Waterfall Station”. Waterfall Station comprises of many open areas which surrounds a huge waterfall.
The first exhibit in this area is; the “Dinosaur Descendants”.

Dinosaur Descendants

Go back in time to the age of the dinosaurs into the prehistoric land of Gondwanaland, when all the land on Earth was one large continent.
Be intrigued by the similar traits that these Ratites or Flightless Birds share with what is said to be ancestors of the great Dinosaurs.
Meet the unique, blue-headed Double-Wattled Cassowary with a soft and spongy casque that they use as a tool to forage for food, and as a weapon against rivals.
It is also believed that the casque may be useful for them to receive sounds or to communicate. Its neighbor, the Ostrich, is the world’s largest, heaviest and fastest-running bird with the biggest eyeballs.
It also wins, wings down, with the largest eggs in the world. Over here, you’ll also see the Rhea and the Emu.

Dig In & Have Fun

Become a paleontologist and go on an archaeological dig to discover the fossils and relics hidden within the sand at Dino Dig.
Learn more about these vintage birds at Ostrich Feeding every day at 1.40pm or better yet, sign up for a personal guided Bird’s Eye Tour.

Swan Lake

Waltz around the tranquil Swan Lake and admire the beauty of these graceful water birds.
Stop over at the observation deck and watch the Black-necked Swan, Black Swan and the Mute Swan, roost, fish, bathe and swim to the water’s edge in close proximity.

Fast Fliers

While famous for its grace, swans are the largest-known flying birds with impressive flight speeds of 80 to 96km/h.
They are vegetarians, and they feed on a wide variety of water plants.
Both parents have a shared responsibility of caring for their young. And true to the children’s tale, baby swans known as ‘cygnets’ go through the ‘ugly duckling’ phase before turning into its exquisite adult self!

Waterfall Aviary

The Waterfall Aviary adventure is an immersive 13 stories high and 2 hectares wide experience right from the start, home to an enigmatic realm of over 600 free-flying birds.

A Rainforest Shangri-La

As you walk through the rainforest paths and along the mangrove swamps, look out for the birds as they chirp up in the trees and feed at their feeding posts.
Among the species are the iridescent Starlings, the Turacos, Rollers, Common Hoopoe, Parrots, Yellow-billed Stork as well as the elusive Crested Guinea Fowls.
Don’t miss a beautiful photograph opportunity along the wheelchair-friendly suspension bridge with a 30-metre high waterfall as the backdrop.
The sound of cascading waters adds to the enchanting atmosphere as you soak in the verdant views below.
It is worth the short hike up to the Hut to catch a picturesque view of the falls, and some of the birds that prefer to perch way at the highest branches.

Catch the Birds At Feeding Time

To maximize your opportunity of seeing many of these birds up close, don’t miss the feeding sessions that happen here daily at 10.30am and 2.30pm.
More pictures of the Waterfall Aviary, below.

Pelican Cove

Never judge a bird by its beak, especially if it’s a pelican.
Large, and heavy-looking with its elongated bill, the pelican by logic – ought to be a clumsy bird.
But it is far from that. It is really a nimble fisher, strong flier and excellent swimmer thanks to its large, webbed feet that help with propulsion and steering.

World’s first underwater viewing gallery

Jurong Bird Park proudly presents the world’s most complete collection of pelicans with 7 out of 8 species at Pelican Cove, as well as the largest of the pelicans, the endangered Dalmatian Pelican weighing between 11kg and 15kg.
Other species include the Great White, Gull and Australian Pelicans.
See them in action as they make their dramatic underwater swoops for fish at the world’s first underwater viewing gallery for Pelicans.
Then stroll along the boardwalk for an up-close view of the birds.

Pelican Chitchat & Feeding

Watch the different fishing techniques utilized by these master fishers at one of our feeding sessions at the underwater viewing gallery at 2pm daily.
You too, can get the chance to feed the pelicans after the demonstrations are over!
More pictures of the Pelican Cove, below.
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