Jogasaki Coast ☀

Izu Peninsula
Izu Hanto
The Izu Peninsula is a popular resort area, located 1 hour and 40 minutes, roughly about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo by the Odoriko Limited Express Trains.
Popular for its hot springs, beautiful coastlines, sandy beaches and warm weather keep people coming year round to the Izu Peninsula.
Other lures for visitors include; mild climate, scenic mountainous interior and spectacular views of Mount Fuji from its western coast.
The peninsula is also well known for its many hot springs, especially those along the coast whose open-air baths boast magnificent views of the Pacific.
This is also a place rich in history.
Japan’s first opening to the world began here in 1854 with the arrival of Commodore Perry and his Black Ships, so Izu also offers a unique look back on Japan’s past.
This resort area, which is situated conveniently near Tokyo has a lot to offer.
The peninsula’s eastern coast and the Shuzenji area are also well connected with Tokyo by trains, while the less developed western coast and other areas are served by buses.
Izu is also a great place to be explored via rental car, motorbike or bicycle.
On weekends and during holiday seasons, the Izu Peninsula can get quite busy, and traffic jams along the eastern coast are not unusual.
However, during off-season weekdays, many parts of the peninsula can be very quiet.
Jogasaki is the popular sightseeing area in the Ito region; Izu Peninsula.
Jogasaki consists of quite a number of nature related attractions like majestic mountain ranges, serene waterfalls, beautiful coastlines and pristine beaches.
Here’s a short list and quick write-up of Jogasaki’s most prominent and well loved sights.
Jogasaki Cape
Jogasaki Cape is a cape made from the lava of Mt. Omuro.
There is a lighthouse, a cable suspension bridge, and more capes which all of them has great view of Pacific Ocean, Izu Peninsula and Izu Islands.
Jogasaki Coastal Line and the capes were formed 4,000 years ago. That was when Mount Omuro erupted with the lava flowing all the way to this beach.
The stunning sight of the lava rocks and Pacific Ocean matches and blends perfectly, giving you scenery you’ll never forget!
In total, are at least about 80 capes in the area.
Across the sea, you’ll be able to see the suspension bridge (mentioned below) at Kadowakizaki Point;  Kadowakizaki Bridge is a truly thrilling sight, measuring in at length of 48meters and a height of 23meters.
Kadowakizaki Cable Suspension Bridge 
… is the main feature of feature of Jogasaki. It is a 48meter long, and 23meter high bridge, and boasts a wonderful great view of the cliff sides of Jogasaki.
The section around the 23meter long and 48meter high Kadowakizaki suspension bridge attracts many many tourists and is easily accessible from the parking area.
There is 9km hiking course around the Kadowaki lighthouse and the bridge.
Jogasaki Coast
The Jogasaki Coast is a beautiful section of coastline along the Izu Peninsula.
Jogasaki makes up part of the eastern coast of the peninsula and is a fantastic example of a rias, or sawtooth coast.
This sawtooth coast is an almost ten kilometer long hiking trail with beautiful views of the jagged cliffs and saw-toothed coastline stone formations stretching along the sea, following the coast 9km from Futo to Yawatano, the south of Ito city.
It is believed that about 4000 years ago, the eruption of Omuroyama Volcano led to the lava to flow down into the Sagami Bay and further into the ocean where it got eroded by the wave, and formed the cliff having the height of 10 meters.
There are about 20 reefs in the coast, with Japan’s largest gregarious spot of wild peaches.
 Another must-see attraction (needless to mention but already did above) is the suspension bridge mentioned that spans the cliffs at Kadowakizaki Point.
A pleasant 40 minute walk from the bridge will bring you to Izu Ocean Park, which is a very popular place to catch a glimpse of wild birds and seasonal flowers or even try your hand at snorkeling or scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean’s deep blue waters.
Kadowakizaki Bridge attracts the most tourists in this area.
Be it to cross, take pictures or taking in the sights this bridge has to offer, Kadowakizaki will be sure not to disappoint! This beautiful bridge with scenic views is also easily accessible from the parking area and most visitors to Jogasaki will definitely see or use it, at least once!.
It is also possible to view the Jogasaki Coast from sightseeing boats.
Cruises last about 30 minutes and depart every 40 minutes except for a break around lunch time.
The fare is 1300 yen per person.
The rugged, relatively unspoiled coastline of southern Izu with its capes, cliffs and beaches is another highlight of the Izu Peninsula.
A white lighthouse and Iro Shrine stand at Irozaki, the peninsula’s southernmost tip. The shrine is built into the rocks at the very tip of the cape and offers beautiful views of the coast.
The coast around Irozaki can also be viewed from sightseeing boats. Cruises last about 25 minutes, depart every 30 minutes and cost 1200 yen per person.
Other capes and beaches along the southern coast of Izu are less touristy-ly developed. One of the nicest is Cape Tarai, eight kilometers east of Irozaki.
These collection of capes and nearby stone beach can only be reached by nature trails through the forest.
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