Gods Among Us
Comic book fans are constantly debating who would come out tops in a fight between Batman and Superman.
Based on pure power alone, the Last Son of Krypton has no peer. But proper tatics, preparation and planning make Batman the most formidable foe in comic books.
And that is the premise – albit not an original one – of Injustice: Gods Among Us, a brand new V.S. game with an unfolding storyline.
In a world where Superman has gone rouge, Batman stands against him with a handful of villains as allies. Many comic books have used variations of the storyline of the conflict between the two World’s Finest, with Superman always taking  on the role of the bad guy.
Each of the heroes and villains here get a redesign and brand new costumes, giving each a different but familiar look.
For fights, there are basically two groups: The likes of Flash, Superman and Killer Frost use their powers and abilities, while BatmanNightwing and Lex Luthor use their wonderful toys in their arsenal.
So how can a mere human stand up to a god-like Superman? The story explains that Kryptonian nanotechnology enchances humans and, as luck would have it, every fighting character has consumed some.
As for how two identical characters can face off, let’s just say that Batman’s brilliant planning involves taking heroes and villains from a parallel Earth.
Now that everyone is physically equal, skills will then determine who the winner is.
Each character has basic attacks and grabs, and a couple of power moves. The fun is in seeing each unique ability put on display. The Joker slashes with a knife and throws acid bombs, while Aquaman’s trident pierces his foe.
With grabs, Green Lantern creates a brick wall and kicks his opponent through it.
Then, there are the special moves that can be used only when all three power bars are filled.
Batman takes out his tasers, shocks the other guy and finishes him off by having the Batmobile slam into the enemy.
Sinestro warps off into space and uses asteroids to pummel his opponent.
As with any new fighting game, there are plenty of button combos to learn, and a whole lot more to defend and counter.
The learning curve is rather steep, but the action is well worth the effort. Each 2-D battleground is also interactive. Players can grab some objects, such as a garbage bin or massive stone tablet, and use it in a fight. Or drop kick someone against a backdrop.
This adds not only to the excitement, but also to the complexity of the game as you have to learn the different combos needed to win a battle.
This is one game NOT TO BE MISSED!!

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