Refreshments after the war.
A war with Metal.
5 hours of non-stop headbanging to Heavy Metal!
Together with Darker Half & Sabaton, Nightwish finally takes the stage!
Enter Imaginaerum
I present to you, Nightwish.
Nightwish returned to Australia; Sydney on January 11th 2013, and delivered their dramatic and symphonic sound in Enmore Theater. 
Equal parts epic metal and gothic symphony, in the modern gothic genre; Nightwish stand alone.
Their combination of seductive, emotional vocals and gallant guitar melodies are like a dark embrace you never want to be freed from. NIGHTWISH performed tracks from their latest record IMAGINAERUM, and more.
IMAGINAERUM is an audio visual testament of what Nightwish have always been about. After their last album – Dark Passion Play – they knew they wanted to do something so big, detailed and innovative that it would leave the people experiencing it completely awestruck. So instead of a concept album, the band did a movie film to accompany the album. Enter the dream emporium…Imaginaerum.
 Having that truly unique ability to have a tremendous genre cross over fan base that ranges from the mainstream to classical to pop to rock and to Heavy Metal, Nightwish literally has something for everyone.
Each album and each track has overwhelming appeal and one cannot help but to like, admire and crave more from this record breaking act. 
Their latest album, ‘Imaginaerum’ has topped charts worldwide and offers another fantastic dimension to the band’s already brilliant discography.
There is simply so much feeling, so much emotion in every track that it is hard not to be spellbound by this phenomenal outfit. From the delightful and dark vocals of front woman Floor Jansen, to the pounding drums of Jukka Nevalainen, to the backing + lead vocals and bass of Marco Hietala, to the inspirational and mesmerising guitaring of Emppu Vuorinen, and of course, Nightwish would not be here without the orchestrations, musical arrangements + visions, spirit, drive and keyboards of Tuomas Holopainen.
Nightwish is the complete rock band, they are the complete pop band, they are the complete classical band, and they are the complete band. This is why they have this tremendous appeal; this is what has made Nightwish the band they are today. 
This is why they want to give back as much as possible to their fans as it is their fans that have ‘bought’ into what Nightwish always believed in and it is the fans that have made Nightwish their own.
Since their sold out national tour of Australia in 2009, Last night, Nightwish performed tracks of their latest chart busting album ‘Imaginaerum’ along with many fan favourites. 
Continually growing in popularity on a consistent and steady basis with music fans of all genres and styles, this tour went the distance and performed to full houses in every venue. 
Well renowned to be one of the best on the circuit, Nightwish never let their fans down and each show is nothing short of a breathtaking and exhilarating experience.
This was the Setlist for the night:
Prologue. Crimson Tide
1. Storytime
2. Dark Chest of Wonders
3. Wish I Had an Angel
4. Amaranth
5. Scaretale
6. Slow, Love, Slow
7. I Want My Tears Back
8. Nemo
9. Last of the Wilds
10. Planet Hell
11. Ever Dream
12. Over the Hills and Far Away
13. Ghost Love Score
14. Song of Myself
15. Last Ride of the Day
Epilogue. Imaginaerum
With songs old and new blending with perfect harmony, the crowd broke into total chaos.
Ironic isn’t it?
Look at that crowd!!
Fans in Sydney and Melbourne were spoiled silly; Swedish rockers, and currently one of the hottest acts in Europe; Sabaton was the main support artist on these legs! Breaking all ground before them, Sabaton brought a power packed live show as they supported Nightwish and performed in support of their latest release ‘Carolus Rex’. 
Finnish metal + Swedish metal = Pure Heaven!
To state that Sydney and Melbourne fans got spoilt on this tour is an understatement!
Emppu in action!~
Beautiful vocalist; Floor Jansen!!
Marco Hietala = Crazy Bass & a MAD voice!!
Genius & brainchild; Tuomas Holopainen
And hidden behind Marco…the adrenalin inducing, drum pounding; Jukka Nevalainen!!
Ballad time.
It was an AWESOME night!!
We had a blast!!~
Thank you for coming, Nightwish! <3
More pictures from the amazing event here:
Finally a clear shot of Jukka!!
It’s finally over and metal town ain’t sleepin yet! 
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