I see fishies!

Tokyo Tower Aquarium
Would you believe me if I told you there were many cute little fishes hidden underneath Tokyo Tower?
One of Tokyo’s most popular landmarks attracting over 3 million visitors per year. 
Erected in 1958, this was once the tallest self-supporting steel tower in the world at 333 meters – 1093 feet.
Now overtaken by the massive Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower is located in Tokyo’s elegant Minato ward, surrounded by parks and temples and dotted with relaxed high class eateries.
A red and white web of sky-high steel by day, a breathtaking beacon of lights by night, Tokyo Tower is the most prominent and distinctive feature of Tokyo’s cityscape.
Once you’ve taken in the landscape and come back down, the four-storey Tokyo Tower Foot Town building nestled underneath the Tower – where you started from – is definitely worth visiting.
The roof of the building is a children’s playground. 
Downstairs on the fourth floor of Tokyo Tower Foot Town are the ‘Trick Art Gallery’ for children and the Government Information and Statistical Information galleries.

A lot of money and imagination have been spent in the Government Information and Statistical Information galleries on making the facts and figures of Japanese national life interesting and memorable.
Exhibits include among others a post-World War Two Japanese history mural, a cost-of-living flowchart through the years and many more.

Something really interesting here.. a similar display showing how average Japanese body height has steadily risen since the end of the Second World War.  

Recommended for those with knowledge of Japanese.
The 2nd floor of Tokyo Tower Foot Town is a touristic nightmare…or paradise.
What seem like hectares of endless restaurants and souvenir trinket stores, all under the full cold glare of fluorescent lighting.
Tokyo Tower Aquarium is located on the first floor, i.e. on the same level as where you first enter the Tower.

Priced at 1000 yen, it is best described as ‘cozy rows of ordinary looking biology classroom fish tanks’.
The Aquarium features mostly freshwater fishes, marine fishes and amphibians too.
Hide & Seek??
Fierce lookin’ guy here!
Took many pictures of the cute little fishies there!
Enjoy them!~ 🙂 
Pig nosed Turtle!!
Spot me…
﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O’RLY?
Meet Mr. Croc!
This guy over here looks so lazy!!
Sorry, couldn’t help it…
The song was stuck in my head! 
♫ Under the sea 
Under the sea
Darling it’s better
Down where it’s wetter
♪ Take it from me 
♪ Up on the shore they work all day 
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
♫ Under the sea 
I think I spent too much time down here…
…Am I a Fish?
Shy Guy here…
Errr…He dates back all the way to the age of the Dinosaurs!
What are you lookin’ at?!
Peek a boo!
All hail the king of Turtles!
This lil’ guy here’s my favorite!

Snake headed Turtle – a beautiful creature portrayed in many legends & myths of old.

Look at the Gold on that!!

Zen pond, at the end!

Many Koi and Goldfish live here!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
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  1. So cool! Love the kaeru-kun, tokage-kun and kame-kun 🙂

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