Hunt for the Kitty

I’m in Germany now and I don’t have most of my data with me.
So I’ll just be posting with whatever data I have here on my laptop instead!
Not too long ago, we went on a hunt for Hello Kitty(s) in Tokyo.
First up, we went to Odaiba. 
There’s this little space in Palette Town that’s dedicated to Hello Kitty & all her other friends from Sanrio.
Welcome to Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise!
From Kitty-Chan cafes to merchandise, even Hello Kitty themed arcade games and more.
Mascots included! This place is more that what even the most hardcore Kitty fan could wish for!
Pink and more pink, everywhere!
 Everything about Kitty-Chan you could ever imagine!
Did I forget to mention, the Hello Kitty Happiness Tree??
If we could make a wish, it would be wishing we had more time!
You see..This was actually not the place we were supposed to be at, today.
We were supposed to be at Sanrio Puroland!!
(The fountain started spraying in all directons at this point!)
Sanrio Puroland is like Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise on steroids!
(Or Hello Kitty’s version of Disneyland)
Sanrio Puroland closes really early.
We were also pretty late (and WET)!!
We decided to finally leave for Sanrio Puroland, after going back to get a change of clothes!
 We finally left Odaiba to try our luck!
…will we be able to make it?
…it was a race against time!!
Walking you see it in the distance??
Like finally!!
Look at that pretty rainbow!!
However, that pretty LIGHTED rainbow could only mean one thing…
Yeah..I was right, the park was just about to close!!
It’s closing time and these people are just about to leave the park.
Left heavyhearted…we could always come back tommorow another day!
Decided to have our dinner nearby!
The Yuzu Tempura Udon was heavenly!
Always feels good to have a hot bowl on noodles, in winter!
We headed for Daiso next, to do some CHEAP last minute shopping!
After dumping our things inside the lockers, we went off to have some fun!
We headed to the nearest arcade/game center to cheer ourselves up have some fun!
After which, we decided on catching a movie!
It was really late and we had to catch the last train.
Yep! Finally made it back!
We’ve had a long loonggg day!!
Stay tuned to see the post on; when we finally made it to Sanrio Puroland!

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9 thoughts on “Hunt for the Kitty

  1. Such a cute post! Hope you’re enjoying Germany too 🙂
    Btw, I nominated you for the ‘Liebster award’! If you haven’t really done it before, feel free to check it out on my blog if you like 🙂

  2. I’ll definetely visit Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise when I get to Tokyo..It’s really kawaii,i adore it..too bad we don’t have any place like yours in Japan..Places are all the same everywhere,boring!!
    And btw,your friend’s jeans are KILLER!! please let me know where she bought it from??
    loves xx

    • I’m sure you’ll love it!
      Please don’t say that, i’m sure every place has a different charm!
      Abot the jeans..I’ll have to ask her and i’ll get back to you after that alright?

    • I don’t know,it just feels boring..
      Thanks again,please mail me when you can i’d really appreciate it..

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