Horrible rain in Osaka Castle Park! :(

I just love those lights!!~
 Waiting for the train to arrive…
 Unfortunately, there was a slight delay.
Something that rarely happens in Japan!
Is it our luck…?!
Maybe it’s really our unlucky day…
 That’s really bad weather! It was so unexpected!
 Decided to have an early lunch; it was raining heavily outside anyway!
(If you’ve read my food posts, this is Kaiseki Cuisine)
Basically, the ‘big boss’ of Traditional Japanese food.
Read more about here if you wish!
Unfortunately after the meal, the rain still persisted!
 But even so, don’t you think the scenery still looks beautiful?
 This is Osaka Castle Park!
Sorry I forgot to mention this earlier! 
 I also did a post about this park previously, take a look if you’d like!
 Do you see Osaka Castle in the distance?
The colors and contrast of it’s surroundings somehow enhances the castle’s look!
(Although it looks majestic enough on it’s own, of course.)
 This is the moat surrounding the castle.
 And this is the bridge that leads to the place where Toyotomi Hideyoshi once resided.
(Toyotomi Hideyoshi was one of Japan’s greatest warlords during the period when samurais still existed)
Yea, Osaka Castle, this is where he lived in the past.
 Rain Rain go away! 🙁
 Alright! We’re almost there!
 Just a lil’ more past those steps….
 And here we are!!!
 We’re here!!!
 These are miniature figurines depicting the great war.
It’s displayed in a little museum that’s inside Osaka Castle.
 This is the view from the very top of Osaka Castle.
It’s really beautiful, even though it was raining.
 The beauty of nature is simply indescribable…
 Sigh* Sometimes…
I’m such a bad influence.
…Tabako anyone?
 At this moment, I felt so screwed.
If you actually understand what i was referring to, i’m sure you’d understand!
 ~Pika Pika!~
Yodobashi Camera! 
 As expected! 
Last 2, Promise!!

Hope you liked what you see here!

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11 thoughts on “Horrible rain in Osaka Castle Park! :(

  1. You say bad weather, but that shot with the road and trees is so pretty!! Loving the photos and pikachu ^^

  2. No cigarettes for the little kid ;P! I picked up the habit of smoking from my father ;P (I already quit, tho)
    I know how the rains are in Japan.. still, nice pics!

  3. Personally I love the rain! I feel like less people are out, so I have everything to myself :3

    I will need to start writing down things to do in Osaka. I guess I thought there wasn’t as much to do because it wasn’t Tokyo, but I am realizing how wrong I was o__o

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