Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

Welcome to Heaven & Hell!
As Singapore is well known for being a multiracial country, Haw Par Villa is the place to go to experience every culture – all mixed together into one.
From Indian, Chinese, Burmese to Thai & even certain elements of Japanese mythology & Indonesian folklore AND statues of native animals from Australia like Koalas & Kangaroos – all can be found here! Heck, even the Statue of Liberty from the United Stated of America is present!!!!!!!
Like something out of the twilight zone, the near-forgotten theme park “Haw Par Villa” is a must for anyone seeking something out of the ordinary, rich in cultural learning!
In it’s glory days, this avant-garde theme park was an iconic symbol in Singapore, and considered a must see by locals and foreigners alike.
A startling contrast to the modern “Gardens By The Bay“; it was built by the sons of Aw Chu Kin, inventor of a simple homemade balm, which ended up being a world wide success, known today as “Tiger Balm”.
As the country of Singapore developed, and became almost futuristic in it’s modern appearance, the thousands of dated figurines that make up this park began to lose their luster along with much of their original appeal.
Some of the areas of Haw Par Villa have been shut down due to lack of preservation, such as the amphitheater (I am still curious as to what kind of shows one might have been able to see here) – yet there are also other areas which seemed to be undergoing repairs.
I was happy to see that someone still cares about this hidden treasure, and insists on it’s preservation.
Haw Par Villa is divided into several areas.
Each of the areas artistically portray stories and events based on famous Chinese Historical personalities, mythology and legends.
From the “Eight Immortals”, to the “Pond of Legacy”, the “Hua Song Museum”, or “Madam White Snake” – the diversity of exhibits at Haw Par Villa seems unending.
There’s also giant memorials to members of the Aw family, in addition to the Haw Par House – a giant circular house built for one of the Aw brothers.
This place houses hundreds of statues and figurines depicting scenes from Chinese folklore, legends, history and Confucianism teachings. Some are pretty but many are scary looking.
There were quite a few tourists when we were there. Especially Japanese tourists. There were many directional sign boards and information & storyboards too, in many different languages – about 5 to 6, including the Korean and Japanese languages! Impressive =)
The gardens were very beautiful.
Haw Par Villa is a quirky place. There’s lots of scary things.
Haw Par Villa was definitely an odd and unexpected highlight to my visit in Singapore, though I felt very enriched with the amount I was able to learn.
If in Singapore with a few extra hours, I’d highly recommend visiting this one-of-a-kind attraction. It is definitely not like going to Universal Studios Singapore, but is surely somewhere where the sidewalk has ended, and you are able to learn more of the culture in which you’re visiting.
Although this theme park is abandoned already (and entrance is FREE!), there were quite a number of tourists present, as mentioned above – it’ was damn well worth the visit.
I personally would prefer visiting this place again, compared to Universal Studios Singapore!!
Highly recommended and a surreal experience indeed, this place gets a 10/10 rating from me!
As Haw Par Villa is mad filled with so many sculptures, statues and more, ranging from pagodas, temples, shrines and structures, I would say this place is a photographers dream come true!
In fact, I took so many shots until my camera battery went dead!
Having too many pictures for one post, I decided to break this up in 4 posts so that you dear readers could see all the pictures and sights that Haw Par Villa has to offer!
This is Part 1, so stay tuned for Part 2!
Here are more pictures of Haw Par Villa!
Feel free to click the thumbnails to see the enlarged pictures!
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