Ghosts in the Clouds

Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting is one of the most well known tourist destinations in Malaysia.

Genting Highlands

Dubbed as the “City of Entertainment” (I call it a poor man’s “Las Vegas”), this tourist attraction is located above the hill range of Titiwangsa, which is about 6000 feet above sea level.

Genting Highlands

However, many unaware visitors that had never been to the place usually return with tales of their strange encounters during their there.

From ground level, the integrated resort with multiple casinos shines like a gem.

Beneath the glitzy glamour of Malaysia’s “Las Vegas” lies a dark & sinister past.

Genting Highlands

Should you choose to stay there however, be prepared to have an unseen “friend” follow you around, or sometimes just popping out of nowhere suddenly.

Would you believe me if I told you that there is Black Magic going on in Genting Highlands?

Genting Highlands

As Malays & Chinese make the majority of the Malaysian race, even the Black Magic here is “Multi-Racial”. Ok, just kidding about the Multi-Racial part, but the fact is: Both Chinese & Malay Black Magic are used here AND they work hand in hand. The owner of this huge entertainment hub is Malaysian-Chinese, by the way.

To 1-up its creepy factor, you might spot thick yellow or red threads hanging on the tree branches along the way up to Genting (it is said that these threads are used for some ritual purposes).

Genting Highlands

Paranormal incidences are very common in Resorts World Genting; as a premier casino resort that attracts many gamblers, causing them to go bankrupt which then leads to their demise through suicide.

Aside from the restless spirits coming from the bodies of suicide victims, it’s rumored that the management themselves invoke unholy beings & frequently perform rituals and curses.

Genting Highlands

There’re many rumors about this place. Rumors like having an entire level that’s off-limits, though I’m unsure exactly which level that is. Another rumor that goes around is that there are quite a number of rooms reserved for “Special Guests”, and these rooms are never leased out to customers.

As for the visitors, especially the gamblers, they usually bring their own spirit along to “counter” the managements’ Hexes.

Genting Highlands

Why? Simple, because it’s a casino! These “invisible employees” are meant to make gamblers lose money. However, these “invisible employees” can be bribed. When I was in the casino, I saw many gamblers throw sweets on the floor before placing their bet.

I assume you’re already thinking; “sweets? what for?” Well, these “invisible employee” is called a Toyol. And there are many many of them inside the casino.

Genting Highlands

As you can see, there’s a lot of spiritual warfare going on in here. Not to forget, those wondering souls from the suicides too.

Back to the Toyol. A Toyol is a small child spirit invoked by a Shaman. By bribing them with sweets, it’s said that they’ll “help” get you your next Royal Flush or Blackjack. Of course, you can ask them to do other things too, besides gambling.

How does a Toyol come about? These are usually made from fetuses that miscarried or been aborted. A shaman will then take these small corpses and chop off their heads.

Genting Highlands

Once the heads are collected, they’ll be dried out and cooked to obtain their corpse oil while the bones from the bodies are carved to become replacement bodies. These have to be specially ordered before you can get one. …or you could try making one yourself…!

The replacement body is a small statue carved out of those babies bones. Sometimes, tree bark or coral is added to the formula. The replacement body is then soaked in the corpse oil, together with chicken blood and some perfume.

Genting Highlands

As children love sweet treats, now you know the reason behind those sweets.

No stranger to the locals, Genting Highlands is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Malaysia. Of the hotels there, First World Hotel is very infamous for its paranormal activities.

Genting Highlands

Guests who have stayed there would hear wailing spirits in the middle of the night, kids running along the corridor, while some have even seen ghostly apparitions jumping over the cliff only to vanish into thin air. Accounts of a long haired female “floating” outside your room window almost made me crap in my pants!

One popular story is a headless woman roaming around the corridor, apparently looking for her missing head.

Genting Highlands

In the taxi earlier, the driver was telling me a tale of how his wife got possessed a couple years back, in Genting Highlands. It was kinda creepy…

Genting Highlands

This is the most disgusting, yet well known story. Can you imagine, I heard about this when I was all the way, over in Singapore! Apparently, many Singaporeans patronize Genting Highlands frequently, usually as short weekend getaway. Anyway, here goes:

A guest moved in to a room and realized the room smelt a little weird but thought nothing much of it because it was still tolerable. By the end of the day, the smell got so horrid that the guest immediately went to lodge a complain. Like any other hotel in the world, the staff went up to the room to see what was wrong… and guess what they found??

They were completely shocked after finding a dead body lying under the bed!! Upon examination, they deduced that the person was dead a couple of hours ago. And the best part? The hotel paid him 5000 Ringit (ONLY?!) to shut his mouth.


By the way, 5000 Ringit is equivalent to only $1400 USD!

What the FU*K?!

Genting Highlands

Thank goodness it’s our last day here!


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