Fugaku Wind Cave

(Fugaku Hyoketsu)
Fugaku Wind Cave
Fugaku wind cave is the cave formed by lava from Mt.Fuji, located in Aokigahara Jukai.
(Click for more on Aokigahara Jukai; Japan’s most haunted location.)

Also known as; Lava cave.

The cave maintains a very low temperature naturally throughout the year.
The average temperature is about 2ºC all year round, so this cave was used for a cold storage for silkworms. 
In the past, this cave was used as a natural storehouse and refrigerator, as the temperature inside stays at a relatively constant zero degrees Celsius throughout the year. 
It is about 600ft. length and 27ft. in height. 
The cave was created by lava when Mt.Fuji erupted many centuries ago.
The entire cave formed just after the lava cooled down, as the lava gases pushed up the rocks. 
The floor of the cave is also called Lava pool. 
Somehow, there is no echos inside even though it is an enclosed cave.
There are icicles are everywhere and ice walls surrounding the inside of the cave.
Shelves that store boxes of acorns and silkworm cocoons from the past, line the cave walls.
Fugaku wind cave is one of Japan’s natural monuments.
The wind cave is very important for geological reasons because of the Tree Mold Lava Spiracle, a speleological phenomenon caused when a protrusion of sediment in lava is formed by the explosive transition of water into steam.
The Fugaku Hyoketsu is located in Aokigahara Jukai on the north west base of Mt Fuji.
More pictures of the Fugaku Wind Cave below.

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  1. So beautiful place :3

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