Festival Season!

There are countless local festivals in Japan.
These festivals are a local tradition.
In Japanese, such festivals are called: 
 The reasons for the many festivals are because almost every Shrine & Temple celebrates one of its own, all around Japan. 
(Check out the パンチパーマ)
Hahaha! =X
All of these festivals are held annually and celebrate the Shrine’s Deity. 
Matsuri’s are also held for seasonal or historical events. 
Some of the more significant festivals are held over several days.
An important element of Japanese festivals are processions, in which the local shrine’s Kami (Shinto Deity/God) is carried through the town in a Mikoshi. 
It is the only time of the year when the Shrine’s Kami, leaves the Shrine to be carried around town.
Many festivals also feature decorated floats – Dashi , which are pulled through the town, accompanied by drum and flute music by the people sitting on the floats.
Every festival has its own characteristics.
While some festivals are calm and meditative, many are energetic and noisy.
“Big Boss-man”
The approach to the first gate.
March on!!
“Big Boss-man” says: “Go!!”, we all go!
The first gate.
1000 hands!
Made it through the first gate!
Past the first gate.
Onward we march!!
The amount of media/reporters/journalists are ridiculous!
 (Too much, but they do add to the atmosphere though.)
The streets leading toward the second gate.
Second gate in sight!
Approaching the second gate!
Alright now, passed through the second gate! 
Final gate sighted!
The Temple is in sight!
Time to go through the final gate!
Just a little more!
The final gate!
All gates passed!!
Almost there!!
Welcome home, Kami-sama.
Kami-sama returns home!
(The God came home!)
Everyone was hungry after the procession!
Usually, if not; always…
There’ll be Yatai (set-up tents selling traditional festival food) stalls.
The food is always prepared right before your very eyes.
Many different kind’s of Japanese delicacies can be found here…But please don’t be ridiculous and think of eating something like Sukiyaki here (In a Yatai stall).
Should you really have the craving for Sukiyaki & such though; you can come here instead!
P.S. The restaurant in the background, 2nd floor.
That’s GACKT’S favorite restaurant to Dine-in.
Have you been to a Matsuri in Japan before? 
Are there also festivities like Matsuri(s) in your region??
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Thankyou so much!
I look forward to reading your comments!!
Till then!!~

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20 thoughts on “Festival Season!

  1. I was in Koenji Matsuri Festival, it was really cool and beauty <3
    Also a few days ago we had a small matsuri in Barcelona, Spain because the anniversary about relations between Japan & Spain (400 years xD) buuuut it was a total disaster, we only had a few Yatai in front of the beach =/ Not satisfied with the result, honeslty.
    In the more Spanish way we’ve a festival called San Juan that is like a Hanabi, I don’t remember so good why it started this festival but it’s one of the latest that is still ON.
    Take care~ ;3

    • ユキちゃんー
      Ahhh…Koenji matsuri.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience in Spain.
      But still, I’m amazed! I never knew there were Matsuri(s) in Spain!
      I learnt something new today!

      And regarding San Juan, i know that one!
      Never been to one yet though..
      Would love to, maybe someday soon!

      It would be great to have you as a guide! =P

      Take care!!


    • You’re more than welcome! ^^
      Just make a plan to come to Spain and we all will enjoy the country as never before.
      There are a lot of cities with pretty legends as Barcelona, also in south Spain (^^)

      But when I’m back to Japan, you must be my guide to meet new places ;D hahaha


      Take care~

    • Hahaha! That’s a great plan!!
      It would be wonderful!
      Do you live in Southern Spain?
      I would love to visit Barcelona one day!

      You’re awesome, Yuki.
      You’ve got yourself a deal!


  2. wow~ it’s really crowded~
    I always love japanese festivals very much cuz they look really cool!!

  3. I went to a Matsuri by accident when I visited Japan XDD
    It was by the Asakusa Temple, I had some sakura mochi from a yatai stall and it was kind of odd ><

    Love the GACKT fact :3

  4. I’ve never been to japan, so I’ve also never been to a japanese Matsuri. But In Germany, we have festivals like this, too. I like such festivals. It’s always funny and interesting. You can meet a lot of people and enjoy many food from different bothes.

    Love the fact abour GACKT, too. He is pretty cool! ^^

    • From which festival are the photos? I mean, from wich shrine or temple, they are. Because it looks really interesting.

    • Hi Miya!!!
      I know there’re similar festivals in Germany.
      Germany & Japan have a long history together.
      I like Germany very much and had a great time when I visited there before! (German girls are very beautiful, BTW) =P

      Yup, GACKT’s like the hottest guy among the male species in Japan.

      These photos are from Asakusa, Senso-ji temple. This is a city in Tokyo, Japan. I hope this info helps!!

      All the best!!~


    • Where have you been in Germany? I’m glad you had a good time here. I know, many japanese people enjoy traveling to Germany. I live in a city where I can see tons of japanese (and also other) tourists, every year.

      Ha ha, oh yes! I saw him three times at the Yellow fried chickez concerts, in Germany and it was really amazing. His energy is just… WOW!!!

      Thanks a lot. I will keep this in memory. When I will visit Japan, next year, I will take a look on this place. ^^

    • When i was in Germany, i visited the Rhein falls, Colonge, Berlin and a few more places..I went to Schwarzwald too. a few more, i might not have remembered.

      You saw Gackt 3 times?!?!!! WOW!! You’re a big big fan!

      Btw, yup, many Japanese love to travel to Germany!
      I would love to go to Wacken!!
      I was supposed to go last year, or the year before.

      Helloween/Gammaray were performing….BUT i couldn’t make it! 🙁

      Best regards, Hideki

  5. Wow the festival definitely looks lively!
    I’ve been to Japan but I’ve never been to a matsuri before. Would love to go again in the future to experience it though 🙂

    • Thank you Jing-Jing!

      It sure was!
      It was a really big event and many press & media were there to cover it. Very over crowded!

      You should try someday!
      I guarantee you’ll have loads of fun!


  6. […] the traditional spirit of the original townsfolk of Tokyo.  Other festivals include Cherry Market festival in summer and a Rooster Market at Otori-jinja Shrine in early winter and finally, the Japanese […]

  7. […] had to attend a festival held at Asakusa Sensoji, a very important temple, in the old districts of Tokyo. I feel so lively here, everybody’s […]

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