Enjoy in Yokohama!~

Since we were in the Yokohama area, we’d decided to stop by a theme park. Into the -30 degree Celsius cold room to escape the heat!
Seeing Polar Bears are a good sign..
It means you’re gonna get…COLD!
It’s FREEZING! And it’s a good thing!!~
Can’t wait for Winter now!
If Santa existed, this is where he’ll probably be! 🙂
Also home to Jellyfish…
And… Sea Angels!
In here, you’re trapped by many bars and you have to get from the beginning to the end by finding the very few bars that bends,and passing through them.
Add  to the maze: Hall of mirrors… With lasers!
Hmm.. Where am I..?
Feels like I’m inside a giant Kaleidoscope? 
I see stars!
Blow your brains out man!
At the end of the maze is a tunnel. A REALLY trippy tunnel with a bridge that starts spinning the moment you start crossing it. The bridge doesn’t really spin rather, it’s the TUNNEL itself that starts spinning, giving the illusion that EVERYTHING ELSE, including YOURSELF are spinning 360 degrees around!
Talk about vomiting inducing entertainment!
Mad mouse!~
Horror house! (o.O!)
There’s an amazing video arcade here as well as a sports center with games like…
The machine ball feeder here, (in front) launches a ball at you. And you’ve gotta hit the ball back toward the screen.
The screen is divided into 9 different sections. Each time you hit any section, the lights go out.
After that, you’ve gotta try take all the lights out!
And then.. there’s soccer too!
Same concept, but this time, you kick the balls toward the screen!
More like target practice, maybe?
Hone your skills and become the world champion!? (-.-“)
﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O’RLY?
There’s also an old skool arcade where carnival games await you!
More pictures of the video arcade, here!
 Great games, great fun!~
Try your luck at the UFO catcher?
You might get something big!!
Amazing Indian cuisine! Never fail to stop by for a meal here, if I’m the neighborhood!
I recommend this place to anyone! Especially spicy food lovers!
…Although i can’t take much spice myself!
I never fail to order the Ice cream here too! Not because it’s anything special…
But cause it cools me down from all that spice!
Here’s Landmark Tower in the day!
There was a performance by a popular magician here today!
Serene night time views!
Landmark Tower!
The illumination on the Ferris wheel  is so pretty, I never fail to snap a picture of it whenever I’m in the area!
 Hall of Mirrors for kids!
Another horror house!
More shots of the amusement park below!~

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