Double Agents

Double Agents 1 & 2
Cold Steel’s Double Agent neck knives possess a significant set of advantages worth noting.
Double Agent 1 is designed with a Karambit’s edge while Double Agent 2 has a Clip Point blade-style. 
They’re both thin, flat, and feather light.
This makes them easy to conceal and very comfortable to wear. Their most audacious and notable feature however, is their double ring handle design.
Double Agent 1 looks and handles exactly like a Karambit, with a modified handle grip
Slip an index finger through the front ring nearest the blade and your pinky finger through the rear ring and close your fist to obtain a forward grip and vice versa for a reverse grip.
It doesn’t matter how hard you cut, chop, hack, hammer or thrust with the Double Agents – Their twin rings will always prevent your hand from sliding forward on the razor sharp edge and will likewise resist the effects of centrifugal force or the efforts of an adversary to wrestle the Double Agents from your grasp.
The twin rings also works in a similar fashion to a knuckle duster, giving you additional room for fist-fighting techniques.
Double Agent 2 has a more “westernized” design with a serrated blade that will hurt anyone it touches, badly
You can also explore even more possibilities with both in hand.
Be creative and you can play with dual-bladed techniques while also combining them A.K.A Transformers style – to form a single, formidable weapon that’s extremely simple and easy to wield with just one hand.
By doing so, they boost the strength of one another while covering the others’ shortcomings – complimenting each other nicely.
With both Double Agents, it is possible to wield them as one – just like a Double Edged Sword
Blade Length: 3″
Overall Length: 7 7/8″
Steel: Japanese Aus 8A Stainless
Weight:2.5 oz
Blade Thickness: 2.3 mm
Handle: 4 7/8″ Long w/ Grivory Grip
Sheath: Secure-Ex Neck Sheath
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  1. I love the idea of the second ring. I use hunting knives sometimes to chop wood (dumb idea by the way) and I’ve had so many close calls from not having a second grip for my hand. I love these knife reviews!

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