Disneyland Tokyo

We’re in Tokyo Disneyland again!

I made a promise to the little one! Well..anyway, I decided to do things a little differently this time.
We’ve all been to Tokyo Disneyland before. However, this time I decided to try something “immersive”!
What we planned, was a week-long stay at Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel. And what that means is that we get 7 days (6 technically) to have fun in both theme parks in the vicinity – Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo Disneysea!
Some (actually I think all) of you are probably thinking: “WTF 6 days?! That’s wayyyy too long!!” And that’s true, in terms of size, Tokyo Disney is nowhere compared the Disney in the U.S.A. One can probably try out – each and every ride & attraction, at least once!
But that’s not the point, I wanted to fully immerse the little one, making her believe that Fantasy is Reality! I’m starting to sound like a mad scientist experimenting, don’t you think?
Well, 6 days in Tokyo Disney is definitely sufficient for that to happen! Staying in Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel for the 6 days, we we not going to leave the premises.
Other hotels would not do, as they’re not perfectly themed. Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel however is accurately themed (and the only true official hotel) and suits the bill perfectly. Every detail and decor is done, down to the very last tiny detail.
All food and beverages are also intended to be consumed only within the premises of Disney! Yes, Disney food only!
We brought our phones but no communication with the outside world was allowed. Basically, what we’re trying to do, is to cut out all contact from the outside world, leaving the only “world” that exists – Disney.
With it’s own monorail, tram & bus shuttle options, Tokyo Disney Resort certainly feels like a “world” in it’s own right. A world with 2 “continents”; Disneyland & Disneysea.
 Each of these theme parks (continents) have various themed “countries”; 7 in Disneyland, 7 in Disneysea.
And finally in each “country”, the attractions would make up the make-believe “cities”.

The 7 “countries” in Tokyo Disneyland are:

World Bazaar – Early 20th Century North America
Tommorowland – Futuristic Space Station
Toontown – Cartoon
Critter Country – Jungles & Forests of South America
Westernland – Western Frontier of America

The 7 “countries” in Tokyo Disneysea are:

Mediterranean Harbor – Italy
Mysterious Island – Volcano on the South Pacific Seas of New Guinea
Mermaid Lagoon – Under the Sea* (Pun not intended)
Arabian Coast – Arabia
Lost River Delta – Central America
Port Discovery – Sea port of the Future
American Waterfront – 20th Century Harbor Town in New York
As we stayed in Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel, it was possible to enter Tokyo Disneyland everyday via the private entrance, enabling us priority access (& also making us feel at though we’re staying in some fantasy story book) as the park was directly below us.
Tokyo Disneyland was right at our doorstep.
I hear you wondering; “What about costs”? Speaking of costs, Would you ever do something like spending 6400yen (per person, per day!) in entrance fees, just to take a lazy stroll inside Disneyland & popping inside one of the cafes to have a leisurely lunch before doing a little shopping at the arcade?
That’s a rough idea of how we actually spent some days. Anyway, we we’re trying to make believe and believe me, it came true. Too true in fact, on the day we checked out, we actually felt a little bit disoriented!
Dreaming is believing, make believe and if you believe, you will dream.
Actually, another reason for this “cocky” plan was because we were unable to travel elsewhere, due to some sudden unforeseen circumstances…
To all of you who come to this happy place, welcome. Here you will discover enchanted lands of Fantasy and Adventure, Yesterday and Tomorrow. May Tokyo Disneyland be an eternal source of joy, laughter, inspiration, and imagination to the peoples of the world. And may this magical kingdom be an enduring symbol of the spirit of cooperation and friendship between the great nations of Japan and the United States of America.
    —E. Cardon Walker, April 15, 1983

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is a theme park based on the films produced by Walt Disney.
It was opened in 1983 as the first Disney theme park outside of the United States.
Modeled after Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland is made up of seven themed lands and features seasonal decorations and parades.

World Bazaar

World Bazaar, located at the main entrance to the park, is a covered shopping arcade lined by shops and restaurants.
The area is designed like an early 20th century American town and serves as the park’s main shopping area where many guests stop on their way out of the park


Tomorrowland explores the themes of outer space and future technologies.
It is home to popular attractions such as Space Mountain, Star Tours as well as Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlasters. It is also considered as one of the bigger open (outdoor) spaces in Tokyo Disneyland.
 Little one is crazily in love with Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlasters, visiting that attraction multiple times!


Toontown is a suburban toon neighborhood where the Disney characters live, work and play. Aimed at a younger audience, Toontown lets visitors meet Mickey at his house, play on Donald Duck’s boat, check out Chip’n Dale’s Treehouse and ride a kid sized rollercoaster.


Fantasyland is based on the classic animated films by Disney and is home to the iconic Cinderella’s Castle at the center of the park. Fantasyland is not only based by other popular films, their characters too and and rides also, such as Peter Pan, Snow White, It’s A Small World.
One my my favorites, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt is an original Fantasyland attraction unique to Tokyo Disneyland.
This is a very visual ride, bringing you inside the dream of Pooh bear!
In this attraction, Pooh bear has a nightmare (to some, vivid dream to me), by consuming the “wrong” honey.
It looks more like a bad trip then dream; and it’s probably safe to assume that Pooh “accidentally” consumed acid rather then honey.
You can be sure to bet, this ride will definitely be visual treat for the eyes!

Critter Country

Critter Country is home to Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, Br’er Bear and the other characters from the Disney film “Song of the South”. Here you can find the popular Splash Mountain log ride, as well as guided canoe tours on the Rivers of America.


Westernland is themed after the US western frontier along the Rivers of America. Complete with Steamboat Willie’s Steamboat, it’s considered the biggest outdoor space, inside Tokyo Disneyland.
The area is home to the popular rollercoaster Big Thunder Mountain, while Tom Sawyer Island is located out in the middle of the river.


Adventureland includes attractions that encompass the spirit of adventure.
Here you can join a jungle cruise, explore the Swiss Family Treehouse, ride the Western River Railroad and sail with the Pirates of the Caribbean.

How to get there

Tokyo Disneyland is a five minute walk from JR Maihama Station. It can also be reached in a few steps from the Tokyo Disneyland Station along the Disney Resort Monorail.

Tokyo Disney Resort: Access and Orientation

To/From Tokyo Station

By train

Direct, 15 minutes, 220 yen, departures every few minutes
Tokyo Station and Maihama Station are connected by frequent local and rapid trains along the JR Keiyo and JR Musashino Lines. The one way trip takes about 15 minutes, costs 220 yen and is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass. Note that the JR Keiyo and JR Musashino Lines are about a ten minute walk from the other platforms at Tokyo Station.

To/From Shinjuku Station

By train

1 transfer, 40 minutes, 390 yen, connections every few minutes
Take the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku to Tokyo Station (15 minutes) and transfer to the JR Keiyo or JR Musashino Line to Maihama Station (15 minutes). Note that the platforms at Tokyo Station are about a ten minute walk apart from each other. The entire one way trip takes about 40 minutes, costs 390 yen and is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

By bus

Direct, 1 hour, 820 yen, departures every 30 minutes
Direct highway buses operate every 30 minutes between the JR Highway Bus Terminal near the New South Exit of Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. But note that buses depart from Shinjuku only in the mornings and from the resort only in the evenings. The journey takes about an hour and costs 820 yen one way.

By free shuttle bus

Direct, 1 hour, free, few departures, reservations required
The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo in Shinjuku is a Disney affiliated Good Neighbor Hotel and offers its staying guests free shuttle bus rides to and from Tokyo Disney Resort. Spots are limited and reservations must be made in advance through the hotel.


Tokyo Disney Resort is located next to JR Maihama Station in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture – just outside the metropolitan borders of Tokyo.
The resort’s theme parks, hotels and other attractions are interconnected with each other and Maihama Station by the Disney Resort Line, a monorail service which circles the resort every few minutes in a counter-clockwise direction. The monorail service costs 260yen per ride.
Staying guests of the resort’s three Disney Hotels receive complimentary monorail passes during their stay.
Alternatively, it is possible to walk from Maihama Station to Tokyo Disneyland, the Ikspiari Shopping Mall, the Ambassador Hotel and the Disneyland Hotel, but Tokyo DisneySea, the Hotel MiraCosta and the Official Hotels are more conveniently accessed by monorail.
Free shuttle buses for guests staying at the Ambassador Hotel operate between the hotel and the two parks. Furthermore, there are free shuttle buses for guests of the resort’s Official Hotels, which connect the hotels with JR Maihama Station and the monorail’s Bayside Station.
Note that a considerable number of long-distance overnight buses between Tokyo and several cities across Japan, including Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka, also make a stop at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Hours and Fees

Hours: Varying hours. Typically from 9:00am to 10:00pm (from 8:00am on weekends and holidays).
Admission: ends one hour before closing.
Closed: No closing days.
Admission: 6400 yen.
Check out these links if you’re interested to see our past visits or want to read more on: Paris Disneyland!
Thanks to Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo Disneyland Hotel for making dreams come true!
And also ExpediaBooking.com & Jtb.
I hope you did enjoy this post and found it informative.
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  1. Aawwwww I really need to come back to Disneyland. I said it many times but it’s a magic place…
    Wow, it’s being a while since the last time I’ve commented on your blog. Feels like forever xD

    • Merry Xmas Yuki chann! Yeah! It’s been a long time and i’m so glad to hear from you again! Have you been busy lately?
      Anyway, I wish you a blessed christmas, have a blast yo!! Let’s catchup soon!


  2. You know, I’ve been there a few times, but only for a day… It must have been awesome to be there for six whole days!!! How did it feel like returning to the real world???

    • Hello! To be frank, i think i was out of my mind.. Haha! But still it was a nice experience, though i was a little disorientated upon returning back to the ‘real world’ ! ;P
      Merry Xmas!


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