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So, as most of you know, I playing videogames. Especially Japanese RPG games.
RPG stands for Role Playing Game and basically, you start the game with a character with a backstory, see things from the character’s point of view. Eventually as you move on in the game, you learn about your past. Meet the love of your life. Discover new lands. You uncover secrets that lies in the world around you. You start living your life as the character, and so on.
Final Fantasy. Probably the first ever RPG I’ve ever played. By Squaresoft, now Square-Enix, this is the game that deprived me many hours of sleep, and this is what my childhood is based on.
From FF1 – FF13 and everything in between, I’ve completed them all.
My favourite being FF8, which is what this post is about.
I’ve always wanted to live the life of protagonist, Squall Leonheart, the main lead of FF8.
He was sort my idol/superhero when i was a kid. 
I loved FF8 for its beautiful storyline, romantic scenes, amazing soundtrack, beautiful graphics, cool memorable stylish bad-ass characters. And last but not least, the setting it was based in. This fictional, beautiful game world is a place that I would love to be in.
The theme of the developers was to give the game a foreign atmosphere, various designs were given to its locations using the style of internationally familiar places, while still maintaining a fantasy atmosphere. Inspiration ranged from ancient Egyptian and Greek architecture, to the city of Paris, France, to an idealized futuristic European society, and more.
To put it simply, reality twisted into fantasy.
Even up till now, whenever I’m somewhere (in the real-world) which resembles the locations in-game, I would instantly recognise it and link it back to the fantasy area that it was inspired/imagined from.
I suddenly feel a sense of dejavu, like I’ve been here before and I start blending, merging into fantasy.
OK, back to reality.
Today, I was walking along the Harbourside. Strolling along the pier, under the bridge, leading toward the docks. A rush of dejavu kicks in, and I suddenly find myself in Fisherman’s Horizon.
Fisherman’s Horizon is a small, serene port town in the FF8 universe.
As you can see from the picture below, this is how Fisherman’s Horizon looks like in-game. From where I was standing, everywhere seemed like it was in place. The bridge, the docks, the ships to the shops.
Here are 2 pictures of me below. See if you can spot which part of “Fisherman’s Horizon” I’m supposed to be in.
“Is it real, or is it just my fantasy?”



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  1. Love your tattoos!

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