Days of my Camera – EP1

Welcome to the Days of my Camera’s life!
Yeah, I know it sounds cheesy but I’ve decided to document bits and fragments of my personal life anyway.
Anyone else who has a better title, please let me know! 🙂’s another batch of old photos found in an old camera lying behind the television in my room.
Filled with a thick layer of dust, thank god cameras don’t use film anymore and the pictures came out fine!
Each picture tells a story, that is…if i remember the story in the first place.
Here we go..!
I think I was travelling…New Zealand…or Australia if i remember correctly.
In the hotel room…
 This was after I got back from NZ or Sydney, just arrived back in Japan from a long flight.
Decided to spend a night in the hotel before heading for home the following morning.
View from the hotel room, streets in Shinjuku were deserted.
It was one of the Japanese New Year days.
In fact, every new year, Shinjuku; the most crowded place on earth, turns into the most desolated place ever…kinda like Resident Evil…?
Have you ever seen Tokyo this empty before?
 Anyhow, stopped by a small local shrine on the way back home…
…And I got hungry, that explains the Omurice!
Burp!!* =X
 Home Sweet Home!!
 First thing I did??
Open the balcony to air the room, of course!
What’s the first thing you usually do when you reach home?
(Oh wait, I actually took out my shoes first…does that count?)
Turned on the laptop next, I missed you my slim sexy ()book.
Get it??
Naturally being such a lazy person, it was inevitable that I somehow landed myself on bed before realizing I spent the next few hours watching TV…
Talk about bum!
Bums don’t cook, do they? Come on, gimme some credit will ya? I was still jet lagged!
“Dear Towel, I still vividly recall how you became stained quite badly from Japanese Curry.
I’m sure you must hate curry very much now and although this isn’t the curry that stained you previously, I’m gonna stain you with it once again!” – No worries though, you’re very cheap as I purchased you at ドンキ! Haha!
“Dear Towel, how I’ve missed you so…” (Pssssst! Not as much as ()book though! Shhhhh!!)
…but, I’ve missed you the most, dear chains!
Fast forward to sometime in the not so distant future and…
I think I was about to head out when this fax came in. Sounds like bad news..
I’m certainly gonna need your help, my “friend”!
OK…That was a bad joke. Can’t believe I actually made that up! Honestly though, I don’t remember where these few pictures here fit in!
Hmmm…Where was I previously??
Creaky stairs with echos…just like what you usually see in Japanese horror films, Yup, it’s true we actually do live in such places!
Outside – my dark creepy neighborhood.
 Ahhh..Heading out & out I went.
Surprise!! A wonderful surprise welcome back party from equally wonderful friends!!
Thank you!
When I got back home, there was another surprise waiting for me in the mail!
I opened the mailbox and this was waiting for me inside!
This is a Vaporizer. Or for those who don’t know, it’s essentially an Electronic Cigarette.
With the Vaporizer, You don’t need (1) Lighters, (2) Actual cigarettes and…
…(3) 4000 less chemicals found in Actual Cigarettes!!
Sounds promising, yes? Maybe I’ll actually be able to quit!!
Curious to take a look at my progress?? Well…
I’m back to (1) Lighters, (2) Actual cigarettes and (3) 4000 more chemicals found in Actual Cigarettes!!
Hahahaha!! That was lame but true, hope I didn’t disappoint anybody though! 😉
Fast forward to an unknown day in the future..
 Woke up to a particular snowy, cold morning. Snow wasn’t actually forecast, so this was actually good news to me! I can’t say the same for my neighbors though….!! =X
…And what did I do?? Make a guess, anyone??
Did you guess right? For those guessing this bum (yours truly) stayed home and watched television again!
No points for you though!! Why… I hear you ask.
This here, is why! Technically, yes; I was watching TV. But I was studying, learning English language by Nihongo – on the TV. Hahahaha!! Actually, this program cracks me up. I can’t believe I took it as a joke but this program here, is actually used to teach locals the English language!
I know I shouldn’t be laughing and all. I couldn’t help it as part of my life earlier, I was living, in predominantly English speaking countries – and well… you know, THIS JUST DOSEN’T SOUND RIGHT!! =X
All right now, I better catch some shut-eye. Really need my sleep, I’ve to make my way out pretty late, later tonight for a little gathering with my a few important people and I probably can’t hit 2 birds with 1 rock now, no matter how hard I try.
So goodnight, and lets continue this some other day!
Btw, the pictures above are of our little gathering with these fun people, as mentioned in the sentence above!
Stay tuned for more, if you’re interested in the Days of my Camera’s life!
I hope you’ve found this post interesting!
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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

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8 thoughts on “Days of my Camera – EP1

  1. Cool pics and nice chains! ^^

    • Aww..You’re so sweet!
      Thank you!! 🙂

  2. your life in pictures was interesting and I wish you good luck with quitting smoking hehe ^^

    • Unfortunately I’m back to smoking.
      Damn it, I can’t seem to kick the habit!

  3. I really like this entry, it’s so personal!! I also tried e cigarettes lately but somehow it makes me crave for real cigarettes even more some days. But I think I smoke way less anyway.
    And those English sentences sound like they are taking out of an old poem actually haha. It’d be weird to study something like that on TV.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. The E Ciggy helped for a while but you’re right. It somehow makes you crave more for actual cigarettes. Maybe the taste just isn’t quite right! Unfortunately for me, I now smoke way more than I originally did. 🙁

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