Cosmo World –  An amusement park that has a handful of roller coaster rides, carnival attractions, a kid’s zone and a large Ferris wheel that doubles as a clock.
 In the evening the park is illuminated, and adds to the night view of the city.
There are many options for entertainment in this area. The Landmark Tower has an observatory on its 69th floor called the Sky Garden.
The amusement park is spread out along the waterfront beside the Queen’s Towers and on the man made island of the Shinko District, and offers both exciting roller coasters and other attractions for couples.
 Here we go…
Cosmo World’s star attraction is a huge ferris wheel once the largest in the world that is always a favorite of young Japanese couples.
The ferris wheel dominates the Yokohama skyline and also features a large digital clock.
At night a light show is incorporated into the wheel as thousands of lights across the structure light up in different patterns.
Its an interesting little park built in a harbor that is the best option, by far, to escape once you are bored of riding the fast elevators of the local buildings.
The freshly renovated Cosmo World is a high-tech urban three-dimensional amusement park which was planned, built and is now operated by Senyo so as to create the concept of busy streets.
ぐるり森, a maze of mirrors in a “forest” where you have to scan your card (given to you at the start of the maze) at the projections in the mirror, to match the corresponding image on your card.
You then do battle with your friend, via terminals at the end of the maze; After both of you have found your way out.
Other major attractions include the diving rollercoaster that swiftly passes underground through a pond on the surface, jets of water give the illusion of the rollercoaster diving straight into the water. 
If you’ve you ever gazed in amazement at how birds dive down into the water and then gracefully emerge within a mere moment, then you have got to check out the Vanish roller coaster.
(Cosmoworld has a really cool arcade filled with more funky games)
Dropping down through the center of a water fountain that is designed to look like a large splash, the coaster, vanishes in an underground tunnel, only to emerge seconds later. For one minute and fifty eight seconds, you can experience an underwater journey
Not only is this ride extremely exhilarating, it takes you underwater while ensuring you remain dry the entire time. Leave your bathing suits at home and indulge in a little underwater action that will leave you dry as a bone.
This is the point at which it vanishes, falling at speed into a man-made lake, taking you through a light show tunnel and back up into the station.
Mad mouse – A roller coaster that spins the cars around in circles as you pass along the winding track.
 The Legend of the Echidna is a laser battle game that anybody can enjoy. 
Echidna, the ruler of the dark, helps you destroy evil forces with a laser gun installed in the ride.
 Die, evil Centipedes!
 *ZAP ⚡
 *BOOM ⚡
 This creepy thing which pops out of nowhere and scares the shit outta you, is at the entrance of the Horror House.
Horror House, Japanese style.
The Log Fume Ride is also a popular attraction at the park as well.
 This Log Fume has BIG drops!
Cola Robot-man.
Mmmm… Tasty.
Trying out the new Art Filters! 😉
 Classic; The Merry go Round.
A section for younger kids. 。◕‿‿◕。
Disk’O. You start out in the middle, moving from right to left, left to right. As it gains speed, the base you’re on starts spinning.
 Like a Disc-Ooooo..! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
 A shot of the Disc’O in action.
Sea Angels. Ridiculously cute creatures that resembles giant sea monkeys.
 But more fluffy, without the hairs. ( ゜-゜ノ)
This here, is an enclosure mimicking a white cold winter’s night. It brings you into a whole new world, Santa’s world.
Its freezing inside. (-30 degrees Celsius)
 But definitely refreshing during summer.
  It allows for a quick enjoyable escape, especially during the sweltering hot summer heat.
 Also, Polar Bears!
 Wintertime during summer. Ain’t that fantastic?
Winter would never be complete without Mr. Snowman!
 Ice Sculptures.
 Christmas trees made of ice, lit by a warm fireplace.
A room which gives the illusion that you’re trapped by many bars. To make your way to the other end, you’ve got to feel which bars are bendable.
 Looks like a simple walkway?
As soon as you set foot in, the walls start moving, making you feel like you’re in a vortex. It feels like you’re getting sucked into a black hole.
As a result, getting across can be difficult as you don’t even feel the walls are moving; In fact, you feel like the floor (or world) around you is moving instead! Moving 360 degrees around! I got high just by standing inside. (ಠ‿ಠ)
  Another Horror House. This one here’s bigger and better!
 When the sun went down, this park really became even more awesome!
 Where we had our food…
 Hard Rock Cafe!
 We took a short walk along Minato Mirai 21 after dinner.
 Landmark Tower.
 Exhausted! Having another small meal to recharge our batteries.

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