Coasters in Fujikyu Highland!

Fuji-Q Highland is an amusement park located in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan.
This theme park is near the base of the famous Mount Fuji.
This is the place for you if you love thrills, rides and roller-coasters rather than the rather tame attractions of say, Disneyland or Disney Sea.
We arrived at around 11am so the queue was not that crowded.
Another plus point if you stay at the affiliated Highland Resort Hotel and Spa is you can buy the ticket first at the front office so you can save much time, skipping the main queue line in the park!
Nevertheless, one can still enjoy queuing here as free Wi-Fi has been offered recently, to keep patrons entertained happy!
After you get in, there are 2 photo booths on the right side where you can take a picture and have your face on the ticket!
This ticket is your pass to Fuji-Q Highland and you have to flash it each time you queue for a ride.
Another thing for visitors to note is that if you’re not a theme park person, there’s still reason for you to come… The reason being…
Do you see it?
Yep, that’s Mount Fuji!
On a clear day, Fuji-Q Highland offers spectacular views of Japan’s signature holy mountain!
You don’t have to sit yourself on any roller-coasters to see this beautiful sight!
Of course, getting on a roller coaster has its additional benefits!
For instance, on board the Fujiyama Coaster – one can get an impressive vantage point, the highest in Fuji-Q Highlands! Of course, that is if you dare to keep your eyes open throughout the ride….


(79 meters tall, 130 km/h)
In 1996, “Fujiyama – King of Coasters” which boasts world-class specs,
including a maximum speed of 130 km/h (81 mph), a maximum drop of 70 m (230 ft.),
and a maximum height of 79 m (259 ft.) – opened as the world’s tallest coaster.
It held that record for four years.
It was also the world’s first “hyper twister” coaster.
The thrill on this attraction is so out-of-this-world that you can be guarantee you’ll feel like you did the first time you rode it no matter how many times you’re on it! Although the oldest coaster in the park, it never gets feels old!


(52 meters tall, 172 km/h)
Dodonpa was once the world’s fastest and still ranks the fastest in the world for launch time acceleration.
The trains go up and down at 90 degree angles!
 Dodonpa can go up to 172 km/h (111 mph) in a mere 1.8 sec. after launch!
A thrilling sense of acceleration you can’t experience anywhere but on DODONPA!!
Imagine if you sitting in a stationary condition – not moving, while keeping still,
then suddenly you are moving with the acceleration from 0 to 172 km/h (0 to 107 mph) in 1.8 seconds.
From a still 0 km/h immediately to 172 km/h!!!
You’ll be sure to get a sense that you’re being thrown through the air on the vertical tower, halfway through the track!
Crazy right? That was what we felt! 🙂
Come and try out DODONPA, this is one attraction that races around almost the entire park at speeds so fast before you can barely even breathe!
With such acceleration, the ride just took about a minute to complete for the length of 1.189m.
It was thrilling indeed!


“4th Dimension Roller Coaster”

(76 meters tall, 126 km/h)
What makes Eejanaika so unique is that as the train travels around the track, the cars are able to do independent flips and twists!
For instance, you move forward while facing backwards. Going up hills by dropping down backwards.
The train does a complete rotation while the cars on the train ALSO do a full rotation – IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!
The certificate says: The roller coaster with the greatest number of inversions is the 4th Dimension Coaster at Fujikyu Highland in Japan. Riders turn upside down a total of 14 times during each 1,153 m (3,782 ft) run.
This ride has earned my respect, taught me fear and made me humble.
It’s truly a one-in-a-lifetime experience that you have to try at least once.
In my entire life, nothing has ever come close to the Eejanaika.
It is the ultimate of the ultimate, king of kings.


(43 meters tall, 100 km/h)
Takabisha is a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter steel roller coaster.
 It is currently the steepest coaster in the world with having a drop angle of 121°.
It has the height of 43 m (141 ft) , length of 1,000 m (3,300 ft) , and a speed of 100 km/h (62 mph).
The world’s steepest steel roller-coaster contains a 121° freefall, as well as seven major twists over 1000 meters of track, and a drop of 43 meters.
This ride slowly builds on your fear.
First they bring you straight up one side, then they sloooowly bring you over the top. You sloooowly approach the precipice, and then you just hang there for what feels like an eternity. Then you’re taken over a 121 degree vertical drop…not before having your picture taken.
Get plenty of thrills from this spine-tingling drop produced using a linear launch system with linear acceleration and a vertical ascent!
This is a heartpounding experience with non-stop thrills awaits you starting with a vertical ascent that takes you straight up toward the sky followed by a brief stop at the top, tilted downward just before the highlight finishes you off with a maximum 121°-tilt drop, in free fall.

As our day ended, there was still quite some time before our bus came.
We made our way toward the video game center to kill some time.

We played some Pachinko & Coin Machines which are currently all the rage in Japan.

There were also some very “old-skool” video games available!After which, our bus arrived and we had a good sleep on our journey back to Tokyo.
It was way past dinner by the time we arrived at Shinjuku station.We made our way then, to a local Izakaya in Omoide Yokocho.Omoide Yokocho
Omoide Yokocho is a vicarious visit down memory lane.

To enter Omoide Yokocho – is to travel back decades, to the time when life was hard and pleasures were simple. While most of the rest of Tokyo has been extensively redeveloped several times over, in most areas into the modern city you see today, this pocket of narrow alleys in Shinjuku remains firmly entrenched in the middle of the last century.

The entrance, with its modern illuminated sign, gives little clue as to what lies within. In fact, the first few shops are recent, rebuilt after the area was gutted by a fire. Venture further, though, and the alleys reveal their true colors – well, those that you can actually make out through the smoke and patina from the greasy grills of numerous hole-in-the-wall bars and eateries.This is the place to find those Blade Runner-esque low-life atmospherics that reside in many people’s imagined version of Tokyo/Japan/Asia.

It was only a few years ago that this area was rebranded and given the euphemistic name Omoide Yokocho; meaning “Memory Lane”. Before that. it was sometimes referred to as Yakitori Yokocho. But most Tokyoites still know and refer to it by its longstanding nickname, Shomben Yokocho – meaning; “Piss Alley”. This, even though the area now boasts modern restrooms, rather than the dank, cranky facilities of yesterday.Call it what you like, you’ll find this colorful block just outside JR Shinjuku station on east exit for Kabukicho.

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