British Steel!

Judas Priest Live!
Earlier this year, we had the rare opportunity to attend the wildest concert ever.
Yes, Judas Priest! Heavy metal legends!
We were honored  to have these metal gods perform in our presence!
It was an experience I could only have dreamt of!
Here you go! The one and only, British steel.

Judas Priest!
This is a night many would never have appeared in anyone’s wildest dreams. It is the Classic Heavy Metal Band, Judas Priest’s farewell tour.
A black Epitaph curtain draped over the stage, allowing time for the stage to be readied for what most people had come here for. The thin screen did well to block the anticipating crowd from witnessing the construction of the stage, and imaginations ran wild – Having been the band to introduce and popularise the image of chains and leather for heavy metal, Judas Priest’s stage setup promised to be absolutely stunning. 
As the Epitaph curtains came down in preparation for the legends, the crowd could wait no more and the Rapid Fire began!! You could just feel the adrenaline when the curtains came down.
Make no mistake, it was. The curtains dropped and there was the elaborately built set, large hexagonal shapes with chains wrapped over them, and in between, Judas Priest, old and new, glorified and sadomasochistic – Vocalist Rob Halford and his similarly-but-not-as-flamboyantly gang of metal musicians dressed in black leather, rocking out to starter Rapid Fire. 
With the sudden start, the crowd went, most aptly, apeshit. Now surely Judas Priest, for all their worth, couldn’t have been as volumetrically loud as Lamb of God. But did it matter? With everyone shouting their hearts out to a band they’ll never ever see live again, the atmosphere grew more tense as each song went. 
Nostalgia reached strained levels as some songs were introduced by Halford with a little bit of detail on its album. It truly was, as Halford put it, a concert that tried very much as hard as possible to cram more than forty years’ worth of music into just a bit more than two hours. But they couldn’t cram everything, could they?
Admittedly, Halford was getting by with age and he couldn’t have yelped and screamed as he did in his heyday (note the exclusion of tracks like Touch of Evil). 
It was non-stop action and it just kept getting better!
Rob Halford was at the top of his game with his insanely high shrieks that are honestly metal as hell! These guys really show us metal isn’t always about speed and aggression. For Judas Priest, it’s elegant and grooving music turned heavy. 
Scott Travis was rock solid on the drums while Glenn Tipton and Downing’s replacement, Richie Faulkner traded solos all night! Not to forget, the only founding member of the band left, Ian Hill, quietly at his comfortable spot but you know he’s the man.
It was still a pleasure to see Judas Priest rocking out as much as they could with whatever they could, though. Halford came into almost every song with a new piece on  and the guitarists contributed to the onstage antics with synchronized bopping and crowd interaction.
What made this concert so dazzling, too, was the fantastic stage effects that accompanied Judas Priest. The strobes, lasers, smoke and floodlights galore gave the concert a psychedelic feel, especially when just looked at when taking a breather from all the fist-pumping and head-bopping.
As the night progressed it was easy to get lost in the sweaty, moshing atmosphere with all the noise and visuals hitting the very extremes of the senses. The intensity of crowd reached its very apex as Judas Priest entered its last run of tracks. 
What did they expect, playing Breaking the Law, Painkiller and Hell Bent for Leather back to back? Crowdsurfing was at its most frequent, and my friend and I soon found ourselves in another part of the  arena with the convection currents of the moshpit. 
For a band that started in the 70s (1969 to be exact) these guys sure are still kicking some serious asses. 
What touches me time and time again is the gathering of fans from all ages and all walks of life as a happy caucasian man was saying “I’ve been listening to these guys for 30 years!”.
And you see teenagers around as well as people who are about to reach somewhere in the middle like me. The community is just amazing.
Epic moment started from the singalong of Breaking The Law followed by Painkiller, Hellion/Electric Eye and when the Harley was activated, Hell Bent For Leather! And when Rob Halford came out with the flag on his shoulders, the fans just went wild
Good things must come to an end, however. As soon as Hell Bent for Leather (including a call-and-response segment) ended, Judas Priest began their last words and played You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’, which progressed into an extended jam session that was not so much technical as rhythmic. Nobody was there to outshine anyone but music itself. 
After two and a half hours listening front-row to heavy metal and having gone home to rest and write a review, I swear I could still hear an endless guitar solo ringing out melodiously in my left ear. It was a phenomenal experience and a phantom limb of a guitar solo was a nice parting gift.
The rest of you probably got picks and sticks.
More pictures from the event!~
You will never be just a memory.~
Rides the metal monster,
Breathing smoke and fire.
Closing in with vengeance soaring high! – Painkiller
Planets devastated.
Mankind’s on it’s knees.
A saviour comes from out the skies
 In answer to their pleas. – Painkiller
Ram it down!
This is true British steel, in all it’s glory!
Thank you for rocking us with your presence!
It was a night never to be forgotten. 
Is it real? Or was it just a dream?
1.Rapid Fire 
2.Metal Gods
3.Heading Out to the Highway 
4.Judas Rising 
6.Victim of Changes 
7.Never Satisfied 
8.Diamonds & Rust 
9.Dawn Of Creation
11.Night Crawler
12.Turbo Lover
13.Beyond the Realms of Death
14.The Sentinel
15.Blood Red Skies
16.The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown)
17.Breaking the Law
19.The Hellion
20.Electric Eye
21.Hell Bent for Leather
Encore 2: 
22.You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
Encore 3: 
23.Living After Midnight
Metal never dies!~
Awesome performance!
Night crawler!
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  1. Gosh!! So COOL!!!!

    • Yup! It was amazing! 🙂
      Do you like metal music too?

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