Bienvenue Paris!

Paris to London by Eurostar
Today, we left London for Paris….AGAIN!
Previously, I posted something about our love affair with Paris. It was rather short and before we left her, we already found ourselves missing her. We just couldn’t get enough of Paris. Thus, we promised we’ll come back to visit her…and we did just that today!
Although I wrote about travelling by Eurostar previously, I realized I haven’t done a proper guide on how to travel conveniently between the two cities of Paris and London.
So, although we traveled back to the “city of lights” Paris from London today, this will be a detailed guide of how to buy Eurostar tickets and how to take the Eurostar high speed train from Paris to London (as it is the more traveled route by tourists who mostly end their journey and catch their connecting flight in London ).
Tickets for the Eurostar start at £69 return and travel time between central Paris (Gare du Nord) to central London (St Pancras/King’s Cross) is 2 hours 15 minutes.
Line => Eurostar
Direction => London – St. Pancras
Departure Station => Paris – Gare du Nord
Arrival Station => London – St. Pancras International
Timetable/Schedule => (updated Jan 2014)
Paris to London – departure times from Gare du Nord
First Train – 07:13 (06:43 on Mondays)
Last Train – 21:13
London to Paris – departure times from St. Pancras
First Train – 05:40
Last Train – 20:31
Tickets and Schedules
The best way to search and buy Eurostar tickets is directly from The advantage of buying tickets directly from is that they offer free home delivery of tickets, although they might not ship to all international addresses. Alternatively, you can also choose service providers such as Rail Europe, which is highly recommended. For example, Rail Europe charges $18usd for ticket delivery to a US based address.
You can choose to pick-up or collect your tickets from automated ticket vending machines at your departure train station, but you must use a smart-chip credit card to do so – most European credit/debit cards are enabled with smart chips and pin code protection.
The Eurostar train leaves Paris from Gare du Nord, one of the six major train stations in central Paris.  Check-in for the Eurostar train to London is done through a special upper level at Gare du Nord (Level 1 or Niveau 1 in French), and is separated from the rest of the station where all Eurostar travelers must pass through both French and British passport control before boarding the train.
(This is due to England’s partial implementation of the Schengen Agreement among European Union member countries).
Check-in procedures from the Eurostar starts with scanning your ticket through a turnstile machine.  Keep the ticket printed side up with the magnetic stripe facing down when inserting your ticket. The ticket can be inserted at either end.
The machine will eject your ticket out the top, whereupon you should take your ticket back and keep it for the rest of your journey. The turnstile gates will slowly open and you can then pass through onto passport control.
For passengers not holding a European Union passport, you’ll have to complete a declaration card for British Immigration control.  This is just like landing cards you would fill out for overseas flights, asking the normal questions: name, date of birth, country of birth, where you’ll be staying in England.
After passing through French and British immigration control you’ll need to pass a security screening where your bags are scanned and you walk through a metal detector.
Finally you’ll arrive in the Eurostar waiting lounge.  The first waiting lounge is for regular Eurostar ticket holders, with tickets for train cars 6 to 18.  A second smaller waiting lounge can be found further down the hall and is reserved for Eurostar Business and Premier clients, usually seated in train cars 1 to 5.
Boarding for the Eurostar train starts 20 minutes before departure.  An employee will check your Eurostar ticket once more before allowing you to descend onto the dedicated Eurostar platforms at the western end of Gare du Nord.
Immediately after this last ticket check, you can descend onto the train platform using either the moving sidewalk to your left, or via the stairs to your right.  Often the stairs will be completely empty while the slow moving sidewalk will be full with a group of people waiting to descend.  You might want to simply take the stairs if you’re not carrying much luggage.
To find where you’re seated on the train look at the center of your Eurostar ticket where there will be a car number and seat number printed.
To find your designated car along the train, look at the digital display screens located at the end of each train car, next to its entrance door. This screen will show a large car number from 1 to 18 along with the destination of the train.
When taking a Eurostar train from Paris to London, it’s common for the Eurostar to stop at Ebbsfleet or Ashford station 15 minutes before arrival at London St. Pancras / King’s Cross. Don’t mistakenly get off the train too early at these dark, uncovered stations outside of London. St. Pancras International train station on the other hand is well lit, enormous, with plenty of signage and the Eurostar will park itself underneath the covered area.
After arrival, you’ll make your way towards the atrium area with its gigantic clock on the center of the wall. You’ll descend down a moving walkway towards the customs area where you will pass British customs officers randomly screening passengers.
After that, your options for ground transportation include the famous London Underground Tube (subway) via King’s Cross station that’s connected underneath St. Pancras, or light rail via St. Pancras station. And of course, you can also choose to take a taxi. Although a little expensive, the iconic London Cab is very spacious and comfortable.
 Ending this entry with some medication I got from the pharmacy earlier.
Feeling kinda sick and this is making me drowsy, so goodnight and see you all soon!
It feels great to be back in Paris!
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