Beginning of the end – Itsukushima Shrine

Upon leaving the Miyajima Aquarium, our final destination would be the Ferry Terminal.
This Ferry would then take us back to Hiroshima.

However, from the Aquarium to the Ferry Terminal, we would once again pass by Itsukushima Shrine and also; the very traditional shopping streets of Miyajima.
City lights twinkling throughout the night
Check out how we spent the day earlier in Miyajima; in the links below!
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We figured this would be perfect for us to get some nice evening pictures and grab some local specialties to munch on; only available in Miyajima.
Our conclusion, Sure! Why not?

So this begins the end; of the final post on our coverage on Miyajima!! 
Itsukushima Shrine
Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima
Very nice concept and architectural layout, passing the test of time with flying colors
Itsukushima Shrine is known for the unique and bold concept of being built in the sea as well as its elegant architectural style called “Shinden Zukuri”. It is said to have been first built in 593, and the present shrine pavilions were constructed in 1168. 
At Itsukushima Shrine, you truly feel at peace with yourself
The vermilion-painted main building creates a beautiful contrast with the blue sea and green mountains; when the tide comes in, the shrine looks as if it is floating on the sea. This historical piece of cultural heritage stands in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings.

Miyajima Island has a long history as a holy site of Shinto. The island’s highest peak, Mount Misen, was worshiped by local people as early as the 6th century. In 1168, Taira no Kiyomori, the most powerful man in Japan during the end of the Heian Period, selected the island as the site of his clan’s family shrine and built Itsukushima Shrine.
A sense of calm surrounds us as we look into the distance of the never-ending sea
The shrine is located in a small inlet, while the torii gate is set out in the Seto Inland Sea. Paths lead around the inlet, and visitors will enjoy walking along them while looking out onto the sea. 
The tides’ coming in
After sunset, the shrine and the torii gate are illuminated, providing a perfect backdrop for ryokan guests to enjoy an evening walk in yukata and geta sandals. It is not possible to enter the shrine after sunset, though.
Alternatively, tourists can view the illuminated island from boat cruises. Cruises last thirty minutes and take passengers around the bay and through the torii gate – during high tide only. 
Reservations are required and can be made through one’s ryokan or at the tourist information desk.
“We love it here!”
Because the experience of Itsukushima Shrine involves the water over which it is built, it is good to be aware of the timings of the tides during one’s visit. At high tide the shrine and its gate appear to float above the water, and this is certainly the time at which they are most picturesque. 
At low tide, the water drains out of the bay. This is when visitors can take the opportunity to walk out and see the gate from up close.
Exploring the Streets
Miyajima does have shopping streets too, selling lovely souvenirs you can take home to your friends and colleagues
Itsukushima Shrine and Mt. Misen are not the only attractions in Miyajima. 
If you take a stroll around the island, you will notice how every street in Miyajima has its own atmosphere and scenery.

You will discover new attractions in streets rich in nature, tranquil streets offering fine views, streets with old houses, streets bustling with people, and busy streets with many stores.
Machiya Street
Being reclaimed in the early Edo period, Machiya Street was the main street of Miyajima at its height, called Honmachi Suji in those days.
Today, the street is home to hotels, stores, and galleries blending traditional and modern architectural styles.
(Not to be confused with the “Omotesando” in Harajuku, Tokyo.)
The Omotesando shopping street is the liveliest place in Miyajima and is visited by most tourists. 
Omotesando, Miyajima
It is about 350 meters long, stretching almost in a straight line to Ishidorii – a torii made of stone; where you can see the Otorii: The Grand Gate.
Our day at Miyajima was finally coming to an end.
 As we headed for the Ferry Terminal, there were a couple of Yatai Stalls along the way.
It definitely brought back so much childhood memories.
Heading to the ferry pier to catch our ferry back to Hiroshima.——————————————–—————————————————————–———————
Back in Hiroshima
K.O. – Knocked Out!!
 Being a V.I.P definitely has its benefits.
Great room with an even GREATER view of the Hiroshima Cityscape – Skyline!
 And once again, toying with the “Art Effects” of my camera!
Twinkle Twinkle little big building!
 Absolutely beautiful!

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